Two GE Zwave switches - Fan and Light

I have a ceiling fan with two separate switches for the lights and the fan. I previously had a GE Zwave fan control switch hooked up for the fan and a regular wired switch for the lights. Today I went to install a GE Zwave smart switch for the lights. I have everything hooked up and power is going to both switches. The fan switch is able to turn on the fan. The light switch has power and I am able to pair it with ST but it will not turn on the lights. Based on what oithers have written, I wired it up per my picture below. Can someone help me with this?

Is the light switch part of a 3 way circuit? I ask because your drawing shows a traveler hooked up.

I would think if not part of 3 way circuit you would have to wire the light switch with:
Line to line connection
Neutral to neutral bundle
Ground to ground wire.
Load to wire going to light (your load)

It’s not actually and that’s what was confusing me. The traveler should just be insulated off and not used correct?

Each has its own ground.
Load going to the light switch instead of the fan switch?
Line bundle going to each switch.

That should work?

With each being seperate, fan and light there are 2 loads. Fan being one and light being the other. If your fan switch is working leave it alone.
When you unwired your dumb switch to the light (that was working) one of the wires you removed should have been the lights load wire.

It’s hard for me or anyone else to help without more specific details.

I would guess (I’m NOT an electrician) that you have a romex coming from the fan / light combo that has 4 wires.

Or I could be totally wrong and there are 2 seperate romex wires going between the fan / light combo and your wall switch box.

If only 1 romex a BIG guess would be the black wire is going to your fan, the red to the light. (Total assumptions and guesses since I can’t see what you see) or I didn’t see what you unwired.

After checking your wiring, it may be as simple as the red goes to the smart light switch load connection.

If you could post a picture or 2 or a better drawing of what wires actually go where, we could be a little more positive about where the wires for the light should be connected.

Possibly something like this?


You are the man! LOL. Switched the traveler to the load for the light…profit!! Works like a champ. I figured I at least had power going to the switch. Just had no actual power to light the lights.

I wish I could buy you a beer!!

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@thelavender Installing the same configuration, but for the life of me, I cannot get my fan to work. Would you mind drawing a diagram of the solution for the wiring for the smart wall switch and smart fan control switch?