Z wave dimmer and fan control

Replacing a double plate light switch and fan control with a z wave dimmer and z wave fan control. On the other side of the room I have a light switch that turns on the same light. In the double gang box the light switch has 2 red wires and one white wire. The fan control has 2 black wires. The other switch is 1 red and 1 black. How can I hook this up simply? I dont necessarily need the solo light switch to work.

Which devices are you planning om installing in each box.?

What country are you in?

Where is the main power coming in?

GE inbrighten z wave dimmer and fan control

US, not sure novice with electrical stuff

And in the other box across the room did you get a GE add-on Switch (hint if you haven’t, you need one)

OK - so first thing, if you don’t know what you’re doing get an electrician. You have a two gang box - handling two loads. One of those loads is a three way - linked to the switch in the other box.

Step 1 - NEVER trust wire colors. You need to identify the Line (from the breaker Box) Load (to the device) the Neutral (back to the breaker box neutral) and ground for each switch As well as the ‘traveller’ that links the light in your two gang (double plate) box with the single gang light switch.

Once you know what these are use this post to figure out what goes where:

If that reads like greek - please get an electrician.

On the matter of the 2nd light switch by itself, with GE devices, you cannot use ‘any old switch’ as the remote - it MUST be a GE Add-on switch. Thus why i say you need to get one.

No, that one across the room I wasn’t planning on adding a z wave device unless I need too. The plan was to use alexa. Basically that one could be dead

It’s MUCH easier to go with the add on - you complicate the setup trying to remove it. It may also not be up to code in some jurisdictions unless you properly disable the box and blank plate it.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Is that the same thing as a 3 way switch?