Beginner Question: GE Dimmer Switch won't manually turn on my recess lights

Hi Everyone,

I’m a little new to the whole home automation environment. A little background first. I just moved into a brand new home that was constructed less than a month ago.I just purchased a smarthings hub and a couple of switches including GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Dimmer Switch from Amazon. I currently have a dimmer switch that is controlling my living room lights. I have 4 recess lights that are controlled from the switch. When I installed the GE Z-Wave dimmer switch, my lights won’t don’t turn on at all. Will this be because of the type of bulb’s that are installed? I looked at the previous dimmer switch and I saw that it was a Single Pole, 3 way switch. But there is no other switch that it is connected to. I am guessing the builder just used this as the switch. There were only 3 lines that came out of the switch. I am guessing Line, Neutral and Ground? Any suggestions?

What color were the wires that came out of the switch? If there is anything other than Black, White and Green (or a bare copper wire) It sounds like you may have a 3way switch, and just haven’t found the other switch yet. :smile:

Sounded like you have something like this

Thanks Navat604. That’s what I thought too but I wasn’t sure if that meant to dimmer won’t work with smartthings hub or the dimmer doesn’t work at all. I would think the switch would work manually even without a neutral as thats the way it was wired with the previous switch.

If you have one with a neutral, and dont have one a neutral it wont work manually either.

I got the GE 45613 (it does not require a neutral) and works just fine in a switched loop system.

I was able to find a neutral wire that was tied together with wing nuts and used the neutral lead that came with the dimmer to make it work. Initially I had it hooked up using the ground cable as the neutral cable and smarthings hub found the device that way. Once I switched it over to the neutral wire and try to connect the device that was originally found, it wouldn’t work. I then added a new device, which found the dimmer and now it works great.