Puzzled with GE Smart Dimmer 12724 not turning on - help!

I had a GE Smart dimmer working on one of my three gang switches. Everything was working perfectly.
Recently, after changing the under-cabinet lights to dimmable LED ones, I tried to replace the traditional switch with another smart dimming one in that same 3 gang box.
I have neutral wires and grounds. I’d like to think that I know what I’m doing when wiring these devices (I have 4 installed at home), but I’m out of ideas.
I wired the 2nd dimmer next to the one that was working. When I turned the breaker back on, none of them was glowing blue (aka, no power to the device). I’ve triple checked all the connections, measured voltages with a multimeter… nothing will make them turn on. I’ve even put everything back as it was before, with 2 traditional switches (both working) and just one smart dimmer and now the dimmer won’t even turn on…
I’ve even tried swapping the dimmer for a new one that I had in a box, nothing.

Is my house haunted??

Attached is a picture of my original setup, with both switches working and the dimmer completely dead.

Are you sure you didn’t switch line and load? This doesn’t really matter with dumb switches but I would think that it would with smart switches.

With a meter, measure what you have across neutral or ground and the wire going to load and then measure what you have going to line.

Line should be the hot coming from the breaker box. Load goes to the light or whatever you are trying to power.

Finally, make sure you didn’t put the wire under the screw instead of in between. I am guilty of doing this recently…


I agree possible accidentally switched line and load wires. Once you get frustrated it’s easy to mix up wires. (Guilty of this soooo many times)

Also check that your neutrals all have good connections. There’s 5 of them under 1 wire nut. Possibly it’s in there but has slipped back and not making good contact? I think your supposed to put 4 wires in 1 wire nut. Or something like that. I’m not an electrician but I’m sure one will chime in.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I’m positive that I didn’t switch load and line. Like I said, I triple checked everything with a multimeter and the line is hot while the load is at 0V.

I manually twisted the neutrals together before putting the wire nut, so I know there’s a good connection. Plus, the other switches work, which suggest that the neutrals are all connected closing the circuits.

What’s driving me nuts is that I had everything working with 1 dimmer. Tried to replace a traditional switch with an extra dimmer and that’s when everything went to crap. Now none of the three dimmers that I have will turn on.

Attached is the wire connections on the dimmer, exactly as it was when it was working.

I don’t doubt you’ve checked everything over and over.
If you do have 120 measured on the line to the neutral screws on the switch (right now, as it is, like this picture). Then I’m stumped as well. Possibly somehow damaged your switches. (I doubt that) as it seems you have verified everything multiple times.

Guess we’ll both get to learn something here. When someone else has a better idea?

So just to be sure, cause now I’m curious.

With it wired like this. With your meter on the line screw and the neutral screws it reads 120v?

I’m sure you said this already just trying to wrap my head around it?

Welcome to my nightmare! :slight_smile:

If I’m seeing it right, swap your line and load wires.

In picture #2 your top wire (load) is measuring 120 to neutral and ground?

In last picture your measuring 0v from bottom wire (line) to neutral?

Load is on top by the ground connection, line is on bottom by the neutral connection. Right??

This picture shows load on top. Line (120v) should be on bottom.

Turns out that I didn’t cover the basics in my desperation… Both dimmers up and running!
Thanks Don!

Now if you excuse me, I’ll go cry in a corner ashamed…:tired_face:

Don’t worry about it. You just lost track of the wires in your frustration. Been there done that, tossed tools, family hid!! :smile:

Project is done, lights are working. That’s what makes this forum great. There’s others to help you back up and figure stuff out. Next time you’ll be helping me!