Wireless Switch-New Location

I installed Leviton Z wave switches in my house at all of the wired locations, but I would like to add a switch or two in a completely new spot, without any wiring. Is there a switch that would work best for that application.

My other situation is I would like to add a switch next to some existing wired switches. Is there a smart switch that can control a wired switch remotely while being powered by wire rather than battery since I have power available?

I have both dimmer and regular switches in the house.

There are several possibilities. Any device which can communicate with SmartThings can then be used to trigger another device, so you set up a virtual three-way that way.

The most popular is probably a zwave battery operated switch, The Eaton Cooper RF 9500 “anyplace” dimmer switch. It looks like a regular switch and they even have a special face plate which allows you to put it next to other wired switches.

Eaton is the company, Cooper is the division, and aspire is the model line. It might be listed under any of these names, but the model number is always the same.

They also make a dumb version of the switch which looks the same, so make sure the model number has the “RF“ in it.

They make both a dimmer version and a binary on/off version and people often get confused because the binary version says it can be used “in conjunction with dimmers“ but they mean used as an auxiliary on/off switch. Not that that switch itself can dim. Each is available in the two different styles and several different colors. Only the model number will tell you if it can dim or not.

Model 9500 dimmer


model 9575, binary switch, no dimming


You can also look at other options in the buttons FAQ. Some of the devices there are mains powered, some are battery powered, so read the descriptions carefully.

The FAQ is intended to just be a list of devices with no more than one or two posts about anyone device. There will be links to discussion threads if you have any following questions about any individual device, so please use those.

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I forgot, Ecolink Also makes a battery operated zwave switch which is intended to fit over an existing dumb switch to move it mechanically, but you can put it anywhere.

This requires much more force than the Eaton model, it has quite a loud click, but the style is very similar to a generic switch. It’s available in both rocker and toggle styles, but can be hard to find. People may complain that it feels stiff, but that’s just the way it works.

Available in both single and dual gang. I’m not sure you’d be able to put this one next to an existing switch, though, it’s pretty big.


This is the toggle model:

Awesome, thank you for all of the suggestions!

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