Wired wall socket with USB connectors

Does anyone know of a uk wired wall socket (inc. usb connectors if possible) that can work with ST hub?

  1. Not cheap
  2. You’ll need to confirm it works with SmartThings

But it looks like it might work for you:

Have a read of this:

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This is the cleanest you can get. Aeon plug with usb charger

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Thanks both, but was looking for a wall socket that is wired into the wall rather than one that plugs into he wall socket which has z wave connectivity.

Eg similar to

From looking around eg vesternet I don’t think one exists yet.

I think you’re right. Plenty of lightwave options but no Zigbee/Z-Wave options that I am aware. If there I’m sure someone will point it out.

If you want to use a socket then you have the option of the relay.

Have a look here:

Not straightforward but achievable. You have to love Vesternet and the guides they provide. I’m not sure what effect it has on there sales but I’m sure it positive.

Thanks for this, had thought about a relay as a workaround until a supplier makes one… Here’s hoping its soon.

Yet another hole in the market :slight_smile:

Can I ask what the use case is?

Looks like this integration for lightwave is an option as well
App is

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again, another really cool device that Samsung should be making!

This is so frustrating that the technology is there, as are the ideas & the customers, but noone seems to see a market!!!

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Plenty of benefits from such a device, extension of the mesh, etc.

I’m still curious of the use case @Jds_uk :confused:

I’m not sure why, it may be a safety regulation with regard to DIY work, but there literally are not any devices of this form factor on the certified zwave list for the EU region. Just plug-in pocket sockets and in wall relays.


There are definitely lightwave RF versions which you could consider (although I don’t think any have a USB socket). Adam Clark has done a SmartThings/lightwave RF integration, but it does require some significant technical skills to get it set up. And you do have to set up your own server on raspberry pi. So it’s not simple, but it can be done

Rather than just looking at the code in GitHub for an integration, I always recommend that you start with the author’s thread in the SmartThings forum. That way you can see some of the discussion about it and ask any questions you might have. :sunglasses:

Orvibo do I think already do a Zigbee US style socket so with any luck they will probably do a UK one sometime soon.