Wink user looking to switch over

Hello All, I am a Wink user and am interested in switching over to SmartThings but am looking to see if anyone can tell me about a specific scenario that I’d like to see work, which currently does not, solely using Wink(i have to use IFTTT + Tasker + Wink)

Scenario: after dark, if the front door opens, a series of lights turn on to full brightness inside the house. X mins later, those same lights return to their previous state (whether it be a dim level or OFF). I use Quirky Trippers on the door for open/close, and Leviton zwave switches for the overhead lights I want to subsequently turn on/off.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi, as a prior wink user myself I’ll throw in my.02 cents… Make the switch.

On the wink platform the only things possible are what they say is possible.

On the ST platform, almost everything is possible.

I am currently using the same scenario you asked about. When I open my front door I have certain lights come on. After a few minutes, they turn off.

the 2 things I like about Wink is that they connect to alot of mainstrean devices and the app is super easy to configure…beyond I need more expansive functionality to keep the wife happy. Did you find ST difficult to adapt to?

I liked that about wink also, it was integrated with most everything I used. My main concern at the time was is compatibility with Amazon echo. Wink had that and it was my main reason got going there.

I did like how easy the app wss to use. It was very intuitive and navigation was a breeze.

I did not like a couple of things.

  1. IFTTT - I do not use this. They delay that occurs is simply unacceptable for me.
  2. the delays with wink were not acceptable. I did not like that I told echo to turn on the kitchen lights, I had to wait five seconds. Also, the lights would turn on one at a time when done through echo. It made the entire system look cheap.

About ST.

  1. it is expandable in ways you will not believe. If it connects to the hub it can be configured almost 100% of the time. Take for example the new lowes iris keypad. It took about a month from the time it hit the shelves until it was able to be used.
  2. this community! This is where things happen. Hang out a while and you’ll see what I mean.
  3. echo integration. In my opinion the integration is great. I control everything with echo. And because of the flexibility of ST I can still have echo do everything I want.


  1. the mobile app is very buggy. It crashes a lot, and I do mean a lot. It is stool very much in beta form. It’s not as intuitive as it could be, but it still dies a very good job. Due to the subversive capabilities of the platform, the app has a huge job to do. It is improving. But, the app along with the web based ide, you’re able to do what you need to do.
  2. system bugs and instability. At times bugs will drive you nuts and sometimes the system becomes unstable.

Overall I am very satisfied with ST. I have no regrets leaving wink. To me, it was the best choice.

Learning the system can be rather daunting. But with the help of this forum, a little time reading, and a lot of time experimenting, you will have it in no time.

If you have a technical background them you will pick it up a lot faster. My wife just started playing with the app about a week ago and she’s already very good with it. I will note, she had a technical background with formal training.

Each person’s experience is different in its own unique way. But I can and do definitely recommend the ST system to anyone that asks.

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This is probably one of the most common use cases which ST definitely excels at performing. The set up would be extremely easy to do. And the beauty is, that you have a dozen different ways of doing it, including the option of having this scenario run without internet!

However, there are a few things to consider before making the switch. The platform is currently undertaking a lot of changes so things may be bumpy for a while. Secondly, if you rely heavily on your phone to control your lights, the state of the mobile app is also going through a lot of adjustments, following the launch of revamped app, so things may be buggy for a while (longer). Thirdly, ST platform works best for people who are somewhat technical and not afraid to get “code dirty.” By making code changes or writing your own code to suit your needs, you can certainly have a great experience switching. I too have started my Home Automation hobby with Wink, and now thinking back the difference between the two platforms is like comparing Android and iOS. One is an open platform, the other is not.

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Yeah, what he just said! But in a lot less words than me!

I fix stuff, but I’m not a wordsmith.

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well said indeed. my main issue with Wink is that i want near complete automation so i do not have to pick up my phone, but I can currently only accomplish that with a combination of IFTTT (slow), Tasker, and Wink…I need one

…then join the club, you won’t regret!

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Well I’m stumped. I’ve been using smart things for just over 2 months but I can’t make that scenario work without maybe attempting to code it myself, which i have not. How do you make lights resume a previous state? They will go off and on fine, but resume I have not seen as an available option.

There are dozen ways of doing that. There are official apps that can do it, routines/modes combo that can do it and many community apps and then there is your own personal app. Depends on your technical skill and imagination.

Here is a part of my set up that does that and rarely fails…it takes time to set up, but once you do it it runs on its own…

Depending on your use case, you can create a mode and a routine that sets the light level at x% and then another set that brings back the lights at your desired state. Let me know what you are trying to do and I can give you some ideas on how to do it.

I too am thinking about switching and would like anyones thoughts. I have the wink2 and most everything I have is compatible. The only exception is the wemo switch. Which is one reason.

Things that are holding me back, no official nest support. I see there is a workaround though.

also Ge bulbs, i read only work with the smartthings classic app which make me wonder if I will have to use 2 different apps. I really want to get down to a central control\app. I have a samsung phone, if that matters any.

Thank for any insights. GE bulbs and Nest and single app.