Shout-out for all the V1 to V2 tips and docs

(Scott Windmiller) #1

I just wanted to give a shout-out to all the people who have posted their tips on the V1 to V2 migration and to the ST crew for the excellent docs.

I received my V2 yesterday and had intended to take the weekend (since my wife would be away) and migrate. I only have around 25 devices so I knew it would not be that bad.
I could not wait, so I started yesterday before I got home removing some smartapps I did not urgently need. Then when I got home I laid on the bed with my phone and removed the rest of the apps and all of the zigbee devices (and my routines). I only had 4-5 zwave devices so I did those one by one afterwards, easy. Went to eat, then removed the V1 and installed the V2. I went around room by room starting with the closest and added each device, this went fairly quick. I setup a few of my more important smartapps and still have more to go but all in all I am at a good point and it did not take nearly as long as I thought. I am going through now and figuring out what I don’t need since its now included in the new app thanks to Smart Lighting and SHM.

I even ordered a MiniMote to help with the Zwave devices but that is due in today, been wanting one anyway.

I just wanted to post a positive story and give thanks where it is due, I love this community!