Wink sensors

New member…searched the community but did not find a solution.

I am migrating from Wink 2 to ST 3 hub. Latest app. Most of my zwave devices have been easy to migrate…I checked for compatibility before beginning.

I am down to a few, non-critical, Wink brand sensors that are already in place and working well under Wink that I would like to move to ST. One is a contact sensor that controls a closet light. The other is a stairwell motion sensor that controls the stair light.

I found one post that mentioned using Fibaro for the contact sensor. I also found several references to using “generic zwave” for both types. I do not see an option for that under devices or on the dashboard.

Any help appreciated; if not then I will consider replacing the sensors.


Login to IDE at and click on My Devices in the menu, locate your device and open it by clicking on the name, choose edit at the bottom and in the type field, you will be able to find the device handler you need. Then click save at the bottom.

Thank you so much for the info. I love the depth of information here, but finding detail can be difficult.

Model number of the sensors?

Model numbers not listed, only names and photos.


Hey did you ever end up getting this added? I’m trying it myself now that I made the switch from Wink to ST but haven’t found a solution yet.

Those are Z wave devices, so you will have to exclude them before you can include them into the new network.

See the community FAQ on migrating from Wink:

(The topic title is a clickable link)

And for anyone looking for it, here are the conformance statements for the two devices. If you don’t know how to reset your devices, this will also include a link to the user manual with those instructions. :sunglasses: