Is there ST support for Wink branded door/window sensors?

I recently switched to ST from Wink. Are there custom handlers for the Wink branded door/window sensors?

Aren’t they zwave?

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Yes, they are z-wave. I’ll try to create a device using the generic z-wave sensor and see if they connect.

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Try excluding them and pairing them. Chances are they will pick up the generic z-wave contact sensor handler.

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It took a lot of trial and error but I got it to work using the Fibaro door/window sensor device. Also, be sure that the sensors are in the closed state before pairing or else they remain stuck in the open state.

Good to know! So the “z-wave door window sensor” device type didn’t work?

It did use the generic device sensor however I had to add the device manually by selecting Fibaro first. Only then, the generic device appeared.

Also, the range is finicky. When connected to my WH2, the device reliably stayed connected at 50ft without repeaters. Now, they have to be within 10-15ft of the nearest zwave device.

Just to document, the wink branded sensors work reliably after changing the DH to use zwave plus.

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