Wink relays 2 for $149

From what I see on the forum you can run ST mobile on them

You better hurry up, today is the last day of this promo…

I’m on the fence, Have you played with them?

No, but if my gadgets budget wasn’t depleted, I would have jumped on this deal! It’s worth even if not integrating it with ST…They just opened up the mics on these things so it’s a cool intercom, plus some things run better on …:wink:

The intercom is what is pulling me towards it.

The place I want to put one on 2nd floor is 3 way switch, won’t work. Pretty much every common area is a 3 way switch in this place. :frowning:

That’s the main reason i don’t have any in my house. i wanted one from the day ot came out, but I don’t have a good place for it.

I have an OK place on the first floor, but I don’t think my wife will let me put one in our bedroom… too much light from the screen, i suspect

I have a enerwave 7 scene switch mounted in a small jewelry box on the nightstand. Maybe you can do something similar with the relay

You just put a plug on it?

yep. And it doesn’t lose its programming when you unplug it,

Well hrmmm. a 2 gang box would be a decent size contraption, but hrmmm.

I can see one hidden in a nice humidor on my hall table.

Aside from the intercom feature, everything else could be done cheaper with an android phone, really. especially if not putting it on the wall.

That made me search for Intercom apps in the android appstore. There are a few.

I was thinking - this Wink device is too expensive. Even if you can install SmartThings on it, what kind of support you can expect? What guarantee you have that the next version of the SmartThings app will work on it or it’s OS will be getting updates (I’m assuming it is some kind of Android).

You could do this for almost half the price and mount it in the wall with a Kindle Fire.

The smaller size is the draw for most, as is the finished look. Not impossible with a fire tablet, but not as easily accomplished.

Good deal!!

However I’ve read that if you hack ST onto these they lose the proximity sensor abilities and the screen stays permanently on. Not sure if these are LCD or AMOLED displays but that might matter to some.

That’s what killed it for me. Always on.

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I thought I saw in the thread here on this hack that someone got the proximity sensor working… let me look again

yup. @Rokstarx stated that he got the proximity sensor working on his.