Wink Hub - for a buck starting 7/2 - post your experience

(Pmsmaker) #1

So I see starting Monday Home Depot & Amazon will start selling the Wink Hub.
Come On - 6 radios in one!
Like $49 alone, with 1 device $25 and with 2 devices a $1.
{??? could this be part of the delay with WigWag; I wonder}

I am looking for comments on those that dive in … for a couple of sensors you can use with ST’s and the Wink Hub ??

(Andy) #2

While the price looks great, my absolutely horrid experience with the Wink Spotter hardware tells me to stay away for now. Seriously the spotter is the worst piece of HA hardware I’ve used.

(Nomis R) #3

2 GE LED light bulb + 1 wink hub = $30.01. Might be worth a try.

But i’m seeing it not being on sail for until 7/7

(Jon Allsebrook) #4

Yeah this is an interesting move into the HA market though from what I have read so far its not anyway near as flexible as ST from a rules perspective but it does have advantages such as 6 radio’s…that is if it works as some of the Quirky stuff is just horrendous especially the spotter.

I wonder if ST will or will have to remove the power pivot integration (its the one bit of Quirky Kit I like though still flakey)?

I spoke to the relevant department head of my local Home Depot yesterday and he said they will have the Endcaps ready and selling kit on Monday however doesn’t see why people need to turn their lights on and off with a phone…so thats a well educated salesforce right there! (not saying everyone will be like that just was his attitude!)

I will see what kit they have and may dive in but only if I can get a couple of things that will work with ST so to keep the hub cost down and stick with ST.

(Jon Allsebrook) #5

Yup on sale on Monday 7th didn’t realize the GE lights would be on sale so quick but the price point of $15 a bulb is just too good to pass up… lets hope they work with ST which I suspect they will!

(Brian) #6

I do really like the flat, clean UI

(Morgan) #7

I totally agree with Andy, the Wink Spotter device has been horrible. Absolutely worthless, and I got it on sale at thinkgeek for $20. It doesn’t even report temp and humidity accurately, much less the sound, vibration , and sound sensors.

The Power Pivot device has been better and more reliable, but the Wink Apps just are super buggy and crash all the time. Half of the time, I can’t pull up the PowerPivot to turn on and off.

All of the other Zigbee, Z-wave, WeMo, Sonos, and Hue HA have been light years better than Wink Spotter, it makes me incredibly weary of other Quirky devices.

The TCP connected bulbs seem to be very similarly priced, and I know several people who use them and link them.

(Tim Slagle) #8

Wink needs to step up their game before i buy in. What i would love to see it STs incorporate the new GE Link Bulbs. That would be AWESOME!

(Ben Edwards) #9

This will happen. #notimeline :slight_smile:

(Tim Slagle) #10

Thanks Ben! #notimeline is better then #notgonnahappen :smile:

(Brian Smith) #11

I can’t find anything on this hub other than announcements on other sites…as in what devices it supports and how they get added. I see that it says zigbee and zwave, but I don’t see anything about adding those devices. For example, can I add my MonoPrice motion and door, my Linear zwave dimmers arriving today in the mail, and my ST devices? I have high doubts about this. Wishful hopes, but high doubts. Plus, I agree that everything I have read about other Quirky devices is they are horrendous.

(Ben Edwards) #12

Has anyone read anything about any rule building or platform smarts yet? From what I can tell it is just about a unified control interface. If that is true they are about to find out the level of effort it takes to get a platform up and running :slight_smile:

(Tim Slagle) #13

This is why smarthtings is so far ahead of everyone else!

(Alex Christensen) #14

I’m most interested in finding out if those $15 bulbs will pair with the ST and/or Hue hub.

(Ben Edwards) #15

As I have said elsewhere, we fully expect to get those GE LEDs integrated with SmartThings.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #16

I dunno if the GE bulbs qualify as a Wink device, not to mention my Home Depot knows nothing of the GE Link bulbs, and the website says they are BO’d 'till Sept.

I will swing by next week and have a look though.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #17

I remember reading something about schedules being able to be set, but that was about it.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #18

@jonallsebrook What part of the world are you in?

(Jon Allsebrook) #19

Upstate NY will be heading to Home Depot tomorrow as their shopping App shows these as available for home delivery available this week so am hoping instore

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #20

@jonallsebrook Wow… not here. Checking pretty much everything on the west coast and it is saying late August or September. What is your store number?