Wink Relay

I’ve done a search in the forums but any info seems old and may be out of date.

For all my sins I bought a Wink Hub, lasted less than a day with it and returned it after several calls with tech support etc.

I have today ordered the SmartThings hub and that is winging its way to me in Canada - I cant wait !

Anyway - I today received an email from wink support saying due to the troubles and them not having hubs available to replace (though I didn’t want another one anyway) they can offer me the wink relay for $50, normally $200.

I’ve made my mind up on the ST now and not going back but was wondering if anyone had hacked the relay to work alongside the ST. Just seems worth it for $50 if they have :slightly_smiling:

I just need to wait a week not to start to play with my ST when it arrives !

It won’t work with ST, but even if it doesn’t I would take it and then sell it on eBay. The Relay is too flaky to be standalone product. It is better suited along with a Wink hub.

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That was my backup option :slight_smile: Would have been nice as it does look quite smart.

Sure I can sell it for more to allow me to buy more things for the ST though !

Thanks for the response

Yeah the Relay had the potential to be huge but when it first came out it was expensive as hell ($300?) and was sooooooooooooooo buggy and most of the advertised features either didn’t work or just plain weren’t there at all, intercom anyone?

When people are throwing up $40-50 Kindle Fire tablets on the wall… it kinda doomed the Relay.

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Here’s my attempt at integrating Wink Relay and SmartThings: