Wink Relay or is there something better?


I was thinking about getting the Wink Relay but after reading it seems like a headache.

Does anyone know something better that can be placed on the wall not too expensive?

Smartthings doesn’t run on the Wink relay.

It depends whether you wanted as a device control dashboard or you want an intercom or something else.

If you just wanted a device control dashboard, the third-party app smarttiles is very popular to use with smart things. It can run in pretty much any web browser, so you can just use an inexpensive android tablet. Or even a Wi-Fi phone.

Smart tiles is customizable, so you can change the colors, which devices are displayed, tile size etc.

Here’s the official site for smart tiles:

And here’s a community discussion thread for different types of hardware and mounting solutions:

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Thanks for the info


The Following thread is a project report from one community member who used a $45 Kindle fire tablet. It shows the other hardware that was needed to make it wall-mounted:


I’ve been looking at these little guys. They’re still a few months from shipping, but appear promising.

Recent email update I received from Brilliant Team:

~ Interactive Weather Display
~ 3-way switching support
~ Wemo switch / smart plug support
~ Upgraded Wifi / Bluetooth Chip
~ Works with Google Home
~ Easy setup for multiple controls

Link to email:

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Folks sure like seeing the weather / weather forecast on their dashboards!

ActionTiles has been lucky to have a fan which has deployed a simple and free (currently?) service that generates an “animated weather forecast image gif” that can be easily added to an AT Panel as a Media Tile.

We haven’t been promoting this guy’s work enough, have a look:


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Here’s my attempt at integrating and it works great:

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