Touchscreen wall panel

Hi there,

I recently installed Wink relay panel (running Smarthings app) . I am happy with it but it has some limitations:

I would like a bigger screen, front camera and a little more power. Is there anything like this running Android on the market? I am aware of the DIY tablet conversion option.

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You can literally use any old cell phone or tablet. You don’t need more power. Use Smartiles. It’s just a webpage.


“Just” a web page! :astonished: :wink:


hahahaha. You know what I meant. :+1:

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@CodyClasB, I had always wanted to try to integrate the Wink Relay panel into my setup (for lack of a comparable product made for ST). I hadn’t considered the option of installing the ST app or using SmartTiles. I take it that the Wink Relay must be running Android under the hood.

Any considerations or complications to be aware of before I make an impulse purchase?

Also, do the integrated switches pair with ST or do they still operate independently?

Been toying with a smart mirror using a 24 inch monitor. Has face recognition and a bunch of other widgets. You can get a touch screen frame

What’s holding me back, is that smartTiles requires a login in every so often. Kinda breaks my quick check requirement, and not having a keyboard attached makes it impossible to login. Been planning on making a local webserver based off of HADashboard (which is close to smarttiles, but runs locally)

Here is what it looks like with just the basic widgets and using smarttiles (not in a mirror yet)

The Nucleus intercom system may be an option in the future.

Can’t say when we’ll release, but next generation SmartTiles “V6” doesn’t have this issue.


Been holding out for this, hate re-inventing the wheel when there is a good solution out there (smartTiles).

Integration for my mirror is easy, just an iframe.

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Have you finished this project?

Not yet, got side tracked with other projects.

Thinking about adding a touch screen to it (overlay) depends on V6 of smarttiles.

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