Wink beats ST at announcing thermostat control with Echo, BUT ST integration works too!

(Bobby) #1

Beginning today, the ‘bankrupt’ HA platform Wink allows users to control their Nest thermostat using Echo’s voice. Not too shabby for a ‘bankrupt’ platform. I wonder when will ST catch up?

Without an official announcement from ST, the integration is ACTIVE as of today!!!

(Matt) #2

I just wish “alexa Close garage door” worked

(Someday my dog will be automated) #3

From what I read in the Wink Users Group, after this update, Alexa can open/close locks as well. Can’t confirm it myself.

(Matt) #4

that would be good "Alexa I am here to rob the house unlock front door " :slight_smile:

(Someday my dog will be automated) #5

Assuming you left the windows open and the burglar is all about tech. :wink:

(Scott G) #6

Should have happened by now unless Amazon takes a really long time to review submissions…17 days ago it was already submitted.

(Bobby) #7

I know, that’s why I find it funny that Wink got theirs first…I guess the power of Nest matters more?

(Bobby) #8

The thermostat control is ACTIVE! Alexa just changed my z-wave thermostat to 70 degrees!!!

Amazon Echo soon will control thermostats natively
(Matt) #9

CT100 here.

“thermostat is in auto mode Aiming for 55”

be careful. It adjusted my heat and cool to 55 since I am in auto mode

(Matt) #10

apparently they have not enabled this yet for the Fires. It keeps telling me this command does not work on device thermostat

(Bobby) #11

For what? …what are you trying to do?

(Matt) #12

set the thermostat using my fire vs using my echo

(Bobby) #13

Aha…yeah, it might be an issue on Echo side too. My Fire says that it didn’t find a thermostat on my profile.


My z-wave thermostat does not show up in the list, what should I do different ? it shows up in the echo smartapp in smarthings ( I added it), but it does not show up in echo device list. I tried to “discover devices”, but still does not show up

Any help is appreciated

(Bobby) #15

I didn’t have to do anything ‘special’. I just selected my thermostats in the Echo app in SmartThings, and then ran the discovery in the Echo app. I have no idea why yours would be different. Are you using the stock device handler, or a custom handler?

(Micheal ) #16

You can do this also with Alexa Helper.[RELEASE] Alexa Helper


I use stock Z-Wave Thermostat as far as I know. It shows up in the smart things alexa app. But its not visible in the Echo device list (on the echo app). Itrid discover devices. still did not show up


Thanks, this seems a lot powerful, but I would try the normal route first before doing this.

(Micheal ) #19

Of course…always have to have your options!

(Dave Schierenbeck) #20

Hey, can someone give me some suggestions on what you feel are the best thermostats to use for this? I’m a relative newbie, and have been playing around with ST for a month or so.

I now want to tackle the thermostats (I have 2). Carrier A/C and Gas furnace. I want reasonable cost, but be able to control the thermostat from the Echo, and also remotely from the internet via the ST interface.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.