Alexa, Turn up the Heat

And it’s official! But it doesn’t work in auto mode… only heat and cool

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Can you ask it what the current Set Point is?

That’s one of the biggest missing skilks currently… Can’t get verbal responses to Connected Home Questions (eg., “Alexa, Is the front door locked?”).


No… ugh! I really wish they would include that. I just can’t understand why it’s just a horrible skill to have?
I’m guessing one day they are going to allow for device status feedback from Alexa. But you’d think it would be a fairly simple task with the official integration.

I mean, come on… our hub knows if the door is locked… why can’t it tell Alexa?

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Does the Zen thermostat work with Echo? I see the Honeywell Lyric called out in the article above so I wasn’t sure if that was the only one that was integrated.

Any that’s ST integrated should work. My CT100’s work…

Interesting. I will have to try and discover new devices to see if it will integrate. Thanks.

Go into the Alexa smartapp in Smartthings and add thermostats … new option… then do the discovery on the Echo…

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You can use the new functionality of the thermostats with Alexa Helper to set the temperature in auto mode, or to change modes of the thermostat. This is something the native Alexa can’t do,

As for reporting out status, that is a bit difficult and unless SmartThings integrates it in with the current app, someone will have to design a skill that does this. This weekend I am going to bite the bullet and put in what I will call ‘vocal reporting’ to Alexa Helper. When you trigger a momentary switch( via the Alexa), it WILL play a verbal report of the items you set up…the caveat? It will report out via a connected speaker (i.e. Sonos)…NOT the Alexa device…a small compromise, but theAlexa Skill required to do this via the device would require the end user to jump through considerable hoops just to set it up…lots of oAuth and stuff along with setting up something on AWS Lambda.
More to come.


Well I live in north central Alabama where the seasons change by the minute. I’m really used to having both thermostats on auto, soooooo…

I’ll be jumping back onboard with Alexa helper tonight!

I love that ST and Amazon are expanding the functionality, but there are always going to be use cases they can’t or won’t put it…thank goodness for the user community.

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Yes … I have two and they work great.

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Speaking of thermostats, I just saw that Nest will soon work with Amazon Echo and right now works with the Wink hub. I hope SmartThings is next, but Alexa may be enough for me.

I tried this and said set the heat to 60 and Alexa said setting heat to 260 and maxed my thermostat. That’s so not a good thing.

Check your Alexa app to see what it thought it heard? Maybe “to 60” was interpreted as 260?

Is your thermostat in auto mode? She set my heat to 900 something last night… lol

Alexa app didn’t log anything. But I’m sure that’s what happened but you would think they would have logic built in to know I don’t ever want my house to be 260 degrees. :slight_smile:

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Nope in heat mode. SHe just interpreted what I said “to 60” as 260.

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What’s the problem? Now you can slow-smoke pork shoulder in the living room.

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ouch…If your house survives I would love to see your heat bills :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, that is why there are limits imposed in the Alexa Helper app…This keeps a misunderstanding of the Alexa from burning down the house.

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What’s the latest version of Alexa helper?