Pre-Release of Quirky (Connect) Service Manager and 7 Devices


I am posting the pre-release code for the Quirky Service Manager and the 7 devices that don’t require the wink hub. These have not been through the SmartThings release cycle or QA. Use them at your own risk. Use this thread for any and all questions/support until the official release by SmartThings.

Install and Get Operational in Wink

  1. These devices all are powered by Electric Imp and require you to connect them to Wink servers first.
  2. Connect the device to the Wink Mobile App and ensure it fully functions there before connecting SmartThings.

To install the service manager:

  1. Choosing “My SmartApps”
  2. Choose “+ New SmartApp”
  3. Then choose the tab labeled “from code”
  4. Paste from Github on that page.
  5. Choose “Create”
  6. Choose “Publish” > “To Me”

Add only the device files you need in the IDE by:

  1. Choosing “My Device Types”
  2. Choose “+ New SmartDevice”
  3. Then choose the tab labeled “from code”
  4. Paste from Github on that page.
  5. Choose “Create”
  6. Choose “Publish” > “To Me”

Here is the link to my repository for the files below CLICK ME

  • Quirky (Connect) service manager app
  • Aros device file
  • Eggtray device file
  • Nimbus device file
  • Spotter device file
  • Refuel device file
  • Porkfolio device file
  • Pivot Power Genius device file

I couldn’t get these to load in the IDE, is there anything special I need to do?

When I try and run the Quirky Service Manager, I’m getting an error saying You are not authorized to perform this requested operation.

Do i need to install all of the different device types? I installed just a few of the devices that I was using.


You only need to install the ones you’ll be using. I updated to original post to include some installation instructions. Follow those and see if you continue to have any issues.

HTH (Hope this Helps)

I installed the Service manager, and got a bunch of “you are not authorized to perform this operation.”

It installed like 5 copies of the app everytime i tried to run it. I had to change the code to a simple smartapp that did nothing so i could delete the old versions.

I re-installed it, but it still says I’m not authorized for it. No luck for me. @twack do you have different permissions than us probably?

@twack Yea, I got it to work, I missed enabling OAuth, but it is working now. Thanks @twack, i’ve been really wanting to use these.

Is there any way to get the value out of the light sensor on the spotter? Or is it just a true/false for light or no light?

it only gives 0 or 1 for light

Awesome App. I just got my Nimbus connected (I was about ready to sell it since I wasn’t using it for anything).

Is there any chance of sending information the other way? I would love to use the Nimbus to display temp and sensor data from my SmartThings hub.

I’m glad you like it. :smile:

It is possible to send data the other way. Maybe when I get some time (yeah right) I can do it. Or, maybe some enterprising young (or old like me) geek can take the code and expand on it. @Ben has one. If there is enough bribery, I might be able to push it up the priority chain. :wink:

One of the things that I’d like to do is hook into the alarm. Soooo many things can come from that.


Thanks for the great app/devices files and all of your great work! After a few simple lines of code modification to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, my Quirky Spotter is now successfully integrated into ST and working well!


Let me know how the sound and light triggers work. My spotters seem to be “spotty” (pun intended) on the sound trigger. I’ve heard others comment on the light sensor being so-so.

Thanks in advance

Thanks…got my pig working :smile:

This is really cool! I like the look of the spotter device in particular. Any comments on how well it works. It’s not cheap to get 4 sensors so I’m curious if you guys think it’s worth it. Love to hear your impressions! Thanks

Thank you @wackware so much for this release. So far everything seems to work fine, now with spotter sensors fetching data for me.

Wink’s robot features got more useful lately so I’m using more of their system for trigger stuff - such as temperature or humidity triggering heater or humidifier outlets - but it still lacks granularity of smartthings like different modes or sunrise/sunset awareness so I may switch back to smartthings actions thanks to your amazing contribution.

Not very well. Motion, temp and humidity seem to work OK. Light and Sound not so much. Battery drained in 3 days for me. I bought two, will probably use one as a laundry notification and return the other.

Plugged in is the only way they will report all sensors live.

I have your Quirky service and Spotter device type installed. My Spotter reports everything great - until I try to add it to an app for turning on the light upon detection of motion (the motion detector list shows it as a choice). It doesn’t seem to report what’s going on - that is, the app doesn’t trigger. In the tile in the ‘Things’, everything looks great, shows vibration, etc. Just with this bit here it is not behaving as expected. Do you have any ideas as to what’s going on?

There is motion like when a infrared sees motion and then there’s vibration. Spotter senses vibration. So instead of “when there’s motion” like a Smart PIR Motion Sensor, it is sensing movement like the Smart Multi senses vibration.

Make sense?

Of course. I know it’s not a PIR. So either my unit is messed up or something else is causing it to be weird. I do see the events when the vibrations are detected in the live log. Have you been able to get it to work in some Smart Apps similar the one I mentioned?

It reports acceleration > active/inactive, not motion.

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