Windows ST app just says connecting to a service

Can’t get the app to do anything else but that… HELP!

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can you post a screenshot?

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I should have asked earlier also…

  • what version of windows?
  • what version is the ST app?
  • what country are you in?

windows 11… its only about 4 days old…

'Merica! Brand new PC and downloaded the app today

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I’m pretty sure that Microsoft Store version of Smarttings has been broken for over a year now. I just tested it and got the same result as you. It never did much anyway, so you are not missing anything. You are better off using the web app at You can easily install it as a PWA.

Or, if you are technically inclined, side-load the Android app using the Windows Subsystem for Android (which is what I do).


It works fine for me, running on Windows 10.19045.3448.

This is the solution for Windows 11 users.

i have it running …sort of but if i click on devices or scenes, Nada, seems to just sit on the favorites page with no indication of doing anything… at all, looks like a forgoten project tbh
W10 22H2

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That’s weird. Which version is your Windows ST app? Mine is 1.23364.1.0, running 22H2 and all of my devices are shown. Only my Scenes (I refuse to call them “Manually run routines”) are listed, not Routines.

Honestly, i have lost track of windows versions but thats what mine is reporting

I have the same problem. Did you manage to fix it?