Windows Phone App

Running ST App on a Windows phone, I get the impression it’s buggy. For example there is no icon to tap at the left top of the Dashboard page. Any other Win Phone users? Any links or references available?

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Crap. The win phone app is just crap. Status is all off, the refresh buttons don’t work. Did anyone even test this. Come on ST, get an update out.

I am actually having a pretty good experience w the windows phone app … also don’t see much issues with any of the status being out of sync. Of course I do have an android tablet as well, but I find most things to work correctly on the win phone platform.

What kind of issues are you having, with what devices?

The app was just updated so some of his issues could potentially be resolved. The app generally works well for me as well, minus a couple crashes here and there.

Windows Phone user #2 here.
Oh, how happy I would be if I only had one such bug to question…
Heck, I can’t accomplish anything.
Because I don’t know what is causing motion notifications to be sent to all account users, I have finally resorted to remove all users except me. So now tonight I notice that I cannot delete users – unless it takes a couple of days for the request to complete.
If you develop any sort of understanding of ST, please let me know. I am desperate. Out of several emails to support, only one has been answered. That one had to do with a missing option to update firmware…

What type of users? Are these family members?

At this time there is only 1 level of security if you add users to your account they will be able to see and control everything - this is not the Win phone app limitation thats across Android and iOS as well.

I do not have more than one user at the moment so have no idea nor can test adding/deleting one.

What are other issues?

  1. Cannot see “Things” labels by shaking the phone. (I have a Lumia 1020)
  2. Cannot see linked “MySmartApps” by selecting individual devices from the “Things” screen. This can make it more difficult to figure out what is triggering an event.
  3. Program often crashes
  4. Don’t know what else I don’t know…