Windows Phone anyone?

Hey Everyone!

Just out of curiosity, who here uses a Windows Phone?

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I knew a guy who knew a guy whose brother’s roommate had one of those, but I can’t seem to find his number anymore. :slight_smile:

I know someone who briefly considered getting one!

omg you guys make me sad. No love for the Nokia’s? I love nokia phones! I still have one…somewhere, where I could play snake on… and throw at people that scare me.


I’ve heard they’re still popular with drug dealers. No reference here :smiley:

shhh. Don’t blow my cover.

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I had a nagging suspicion ST is just a front for certain Colombian enterprises. Ok, I think I’ve gone too far now. :smile:

I do (well, my partner, actually)… it is the third-most SmartThings App in the household though, after Android and an iPad.

I was very happy upon it’s release to us though, thanks!!! :smile:

The Windows App is an excellent illustration of the challenges companies like SmartThings faces in cross-platform UI design:

On the one hand, having consistent “look-and-feel” across all platforms is desirable and simplifies customer support. On the other hand, each platform has pretty strong user-interface design standards (e.g., Material Design on Android).


Ohhh! yay! there’s hope in the world!

Yes- I think that seems to be a challenge I noticed when creating apps for even in my previous work experiences, we (company that makes programs for the DOD) supported iOS and Android, and neglected Windows. :frowning: , part of it was the user-interface design standards that were required… (as I was their UI/UX person). I’m kind of glad to see ST providing love to the windows platforms too.

Who else is using windows? :smiley: I’d like to keep a mental note to ping you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a Lumia 1020, my wife has a Lumia 920 and my brother has a Lumia 635. I also use a Surface Pro 3 as my personal computer and have been helping with their deployment at work.
So, I guess you could say we like Microsoft products =)

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I know someone who uses a Windows Phone!!!. He however does not use SmartThings.
Speaking of Windows phones I did have the opportunity to use one for a few days. For my Senior project we were asked to code an app for them. Microsoft gave my university a few and paid them to make it happen. Lets say it was a loss. No one wanted to touch the phones when we were done do to how lame (at the time) the language was to code them.

My family all use them, I use it with my ST hub.

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No Windows phone here, but a 7 inch Windows tablet.

RicketyTiger here, a frustrated Windows Phone user. The SmartThings experience really needs to improve for us. Trading phone platforms is not an option. Done with the iPhone thing and not interested in Android…

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Hi April!
I’m a Lumia 1020 user. :smile: I was very happy when ST released the windows app. I’m excited to think that when Windows 10 is released the universal app could be great for ALL windows users (ie. Xbox, Phone, Tablet). I hope you guys keep developing for Windows Phone.

Myself and about 100k MSFT employees at least :wink:

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I am a big supporter, and I wrote a blog about all the options to use with Windows Phone for home automation. My research lead me to SmarterThings if you run on Windows. Nokia 1520 is my pick. Here is why:


Windows household here. Looking forward to more Universal apps across my phone, PC and Xbox with Windows 10.

Win Phone here as well

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yay!!! I love tinkering with my windows phone.

Glad to see there’s supporters here! :smiley: