Opt in/out for notifications in phone app?


I am currently using 3 phones( 2 windows 8.1, one Android) as presence devices. I also have Smart Apps to notify me of temperature in the basement and living room. I’m fine with me getting these notifications, but my wife and 12y.o. kid doesn’t have to be notified when the temperature drops below a certain point, specially if it’s during the night.

Is there a way to configure the phones to have the app and to function as presence devices and NOT receive the notifications? Ideally I’d like to be able to select which devices receive which notifications!

In Android, you can turn off notifications for any app in the app info screen. Dunno about Windows phone.

Thank’s for the input regarding android use. I have not found the notification setting on my nor my kid’s windows phone. Today I chose to uninstall ST app on his phone so he won’t wake up due to temperatures dropping or the washing machine being finished.

I don’t see it as currently being an option on my windows phone - however, generally speaking, notifications are controlled on a Windows Phone by opening the Settings app => Notifications + Actions => scroll down to the relevant app and then selecting whether to show notifications or not. (in this case, the SmartThings app doesn’t appear in the notification control list).