Microsoft Smartthing Home Controller

I purchased from the Microsoft App Store an app called Microsoft Smartthing Home Controller. It is described as a controller for Smartthings allowing you to control from your PC. I downloaded the app and then when I attempt to login I get the following message, "you need to enable Third Party Application access in Smart Home preferences. I cannot fine anyway to create this access and have received no help from Samsung or Microsoft. Anyone have this issue and find a solution.

Back in 2017, Microsoft added a smartthings Integration for Windows 10 via the Cortana notebook. I never knew anyone who actually used it, and by 2018 smartthings had discontinued the Windows version of its own app, so I have no idea if any of this works anymore or if it’s relevant to what you’re being asked for. but here’s a Microsoft support article on it if you want to see if that is what’s needed.

Otherwise you may have to contact the authors of the app you purchased.

I linked Cortana JD , I WAS a Microsoft fan boy, right up until they killed the phones and surface I had invested in

But back to the point, I still have a Microsoft linkage in Smartthings but as I no longer use Ms products I’m not sure if the connection is still valid

Il have a quick look at some bits and post back my findings for you Eric


Hmm, well Cortana was available using the Ms launcher for Android, as JD mentioned, connection to ST was found in Cortanas notebook settings

Seems now Cortana is gone, at least from the launcher, as I hardly use a Pc now (retired from all Pc stuff) I am unable to chase down any Pc link to St

The link in St still looks like its active though

Mike, can I ask where you get to this link that allows for the microsoft control? The app that is published in the micorsoft app store just shows as being releases in summer of 2020.

It was installed maybe 2 years ago Eric, I don’t see a Smart app from Microsoft in my smart app list so I am assuming what you see above was triggered by the Cortana connection… 2 years ago

Here is my post I guess from when I found the connection

It does look like the Ms connection is dead, any links i find to the Ms smart app seem to have been removed

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Take a look at The Home Remote app. Works on Windows, Android, iPhone. Don’t have to use the Designer but if you want to make changes it will make it possible.

The Home Remote – scroll to the bottom to get App for Windows. Create a device, use SmartThings, follow the prompts to get a token and it should then load the tiles scenes. It’s basic for a UI but it allows me to run on my PC, create groups, and control most of what I have.

I should mention the Pro version cost 2.99. I don’t think there is a free version. Well worth it IMHO.


Have to say, The Home Remote (free) is perfect for my day-to-day use. I can control switches and lights, see sensors status (even temperature on tile where ST App shows humidity), it acts as full Harmony remote, shows my IP camera image, controls my Google Cast speakers (supports also Sonos and Yamaha which I have but not added to my Home Remote yet). It’s fast and responsive. It runs on my old Nexus 7 tablet where ST App does not install. Just perfect.