Will this setup work well? ST, Bali Blinds, Sonos, Ecobee, Alexa

New to home automation and looking to get this or a similar setup.

Smarthings v2 hub
Bali autoview blinds
Leviton or GE dimmer switches? Wait for Wemo dimmers?
Sonos speakers
Echo dot

Will all of this work well together? Is there any better options available?

The bali autoview blinds are the only things I’m set on due to cost.

GE Z-wave dimmers work well, haven’t tried the leviton ones yet.

Echo dot works well as well, but I switched to Google Home (I liked it better, but it’s down to personal preference). Also there’s a few custom integrations from the community for Alexa that takes functionality to a whole new level.

Can’t comment on the Ecobee3 or Sonos. Never used them.

For the bali autoview, before purchase I would suggest comparing prices here as well, you will also find videos on how to add the autoview to SmartThings as well as troubleshooting etc since both are by the same manufacturer, but the Graber one’s are their premium product line:

Sounds like my setup. Only thing I don’t have is the switches yet and Sonos.

Works well. Alexa is a hit or miss at times. Still working on the tweaks.