Automated Blinds and Shades: Bali and Hunter Douglas the only options?

So am I correct in assuming Bali and Hunter Douglas are the only two real options for motorized shades and blinds that work with Smartthings?

Is one better than the other?

There are Graber’s versions of the Z-wave shades as well. Graber is the premium version of Bali products. The biggest difference between HD and the Graber/Bali products is the hunter douglas products as far as I am aware are limited to open/close and presets (not sure if they’ve changed it now) and the Graber/Bali versions have full range of controls from 0% to a 100%. Also since they run on z-wave it’s pretty much compatible with any z-wave hub out there:


Lutron’s Serena shades can also through the official Lutron Caseta integration, although I think the Z wave devices may have a more intuitive interface. The Serena shades will basically look like a dimmer.

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I got a couple of the graber shades from @ZebraBlinds and they are also treated as a z-wave dimmer. It’s still fairly intuitive to use. Interestingly, I accidentally said “open the shades to 90%” to my echo dot recently and it worked (usually I say “turn on the shades to…”).


Also, Somfy is another brand that makes motorized shades, and from what I’ve read here, they have a control system that can take a z-wave module.

You should check out the graber shades at Mine are great, many others here have integrated them into ST too, and Neal has a pretty much continuous discount going for ST forum users.

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One clarification, Somfy themselves make the motors and components. You can basically buy shades from other companies that incorporate Somfy’s proprietary motors and their Z-wave bridge (but once again control is a bit limited).

The Graber/Bali shades z-wave capable motors are made by Somfy, but the technology is Graber/Bali’s (according to what they tell us), so it’s only available on their products for now.


Thanks for clarifying!

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Thanks for the info guys. Definitely going to check out Zebrablinds.

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I have been looking around the forum and searching and I did not find what I am looking for. Forgive me if it is already written somewhere.
I am renting an apartment and it has motorized blinds. They have two push buttons on the wall, up and down to move them. They are kind of annoying because you need to hold the push button until it is completely up or down, the motor stops automatically even if you keep pressing the button. The buttons have a mechanism so you can not press both at the same time (if you press very hard you will make it and the blinds just stops).
I was looking for something to replace this buttons (switches) and connect it to Smartthings. I though there would be already something in place, but I did not find it. I just found the whole system (motor, controller and so on). Since I am renting this place, I would prefer to touch the current setup as less as possible.
I found this switch in Amazon:

It is not ideal, but do you thing it would be easily configured in such a way that only one switch will be on at a time, and when you press it, it will stay on for x seconds (so the blind closes or opens completely).
I am in Germany, so the switches would need to fit into the standard european wall installation (like the one in the link).
Thanks in advance

Sorry. I will answer myself. Fibaro roller shutter. It goes connected in parallel with the current switches. If anyone has a better solution I will be glad to know about it. Thanks!!