Bali blinds connected to ST

Hi guys, I’m seeing various answers on this, just want to check. Do I need this module if have an ST hub already?


Probably not, but need more details about the blinds you purchased.

It looks like I do, the text says it acts as a bridge.

•Acts as a bridge between motorized Bali blinds and Z-Wave home automation systems

Depends on which version you bought. They have something known as the autoview which doesn’t need a bridge. Also check the following thread out, same product, but from their Graber brand (premium line, bali is big box store). All the instructions and information apply to the bali auto view as well:

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I was gonna say that from the link you provided, it looks like you might have the newer version with the z-wave built-in. And then I was gonna suggest you check with Neal from @ZebraBlinds since he knows more than anyone about these kinds of shades anyway.

But then Neal beat me to it :slight_smile:

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I have Bali blinds from JCPenney and connected it directly to my s\Smarthings hub. I can tell Alexa, kitchen blinds on or off and they open and close. No additional hardware was required. I did have to call Bali and their tech guy walked me through the process over the phone and it was working in 5 minutes.