Will the Enbrighten Z wave Smart Switch be compatible with the ongoing updates?

Having a hard time understanding whether I need to find another solution or if my 20 switches will still function after the migration/updates?

Yes they will work. I currently have 2 working using @philh30 Edge drivers.

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Are you using the stock DTH now or a custom one?

Enbrighten is a broad line of devices including both Z-Wave and ZigBee. As @JDRoberts always says: the model number matters.

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Any certified zwave switch still supported by its manufacturer should work at the “basic” (that has a specific meaning in zwave) level after the transition. So on/off plus dimming for dimmer models.

For other functions, as @HalD mentioned, it depends on the model.

If you can give us the model number and name of the DTH you are using now, we can be more specific about any advanced features. There are already some custom edge drivers, such as the ones @Paul_Oliver mentioned, that provide additional functionality above the basic level, but the match is based on the model number.

Thanks everyone. Gov’t it figured out and I am all set.

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