Will Sonoff and Aqara work with SmartThings?

Will these Aqara or Sonoff temperature sensors work directly in smart things without their own bub and is it easy to set up? I need a few to monitor different areas and buying on AliExpress will get me the same product as like amazon but way cheaper.

Just so you know, Aqara has put out several warnings that they will not honor warranties on items purchased from Aliexpress because they have had a lot of problems with counterfeits. They will only honor warranties from authorized distributors. If you are in the US, that means their own store on Amazon. See the note at the end of the following article. This has been their policy for several years now.

Authorized channels:

And the official warranty statement:

This warranty does not apply to any products purchased from third party sellers on eBay and other online marketplaces. We strongly suggest that you do not buy Aqara products from any unauthorized sellers, as such products may be used, defective, counterfeit or may not be designed for use in your country.

You can contact Aqara themselves if you have any questions about the warranty policy.

(Sometimes things are cheap for a reason. :wink:)


Agree with caution with aqara. I have purchased several aqara branded items from several different retailers (AliExpress, ebay etc). Their support claim 2 hubs I purchased are slightly different model numbers and therefore can’t be used on UK servers or US servers. Even when on Chinese servers, aqara sensors may not work with aqara hubs.

Might seem tempting from the price but I would definitely consider the xiaomi/ mijia sensors are at least more consistent and reliable

The Mijia one’s only seem to be Bluetooth though? Not zigbee?