Some Aqara Devices 15% off at Amazon

Xioami’s Aqara line of zigbee home automation products finally got an official US seller a few months ago: Amazon. :sunglasses: That’s particularly important because there is an ongoing issue with counterfeits of this brand, so much so that Xioami will not warranty devices bought off of Alibaba. Or eBay.

Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with this brand. :heart_eyes::rage: I think the engineering quality is very good for their price range, in my personal opinion, better than IKEA’s. And they are very creative in the features that they offer in their different devices. If you read Chinese, it’s a very consumer – friendly brand. If you don’t, you can probably still figure out how to use the individual devices without too much trouble. Of course the prices are great. And if you do use their gateway, the HomeKit integration is a plus.

What I don’t like Is that they are clearly designed only to work with their on Gateway, and consequently they are idiosyncratic when paired to smartthings or echo or other certified Zigbee hubs. They can be difficult to get paired, and hard to keep connected. I also have some security concerns when using their own gateway, although that won’t apply if you’re just buying sensors to use with SmartThings.

All of which is to say I don’t actually recommend this brand for most people. But I do recognize that they are very popular with people looking for budget Zigbee devices. And right now a bunch of the individual pieces are available with a 10% off or 15% off Amazon coupon. (The coupons vary by model.)

Product descriptions will say you need their Gateway, but you don’t if you are connecting them directly to a smartthings hub. However, you won’t get HomeKit compatibility if the sensors are used with SmartThings.

If you are new to this brand, see the discussion thread before buying so you get a feel for the kind of issues that people run into

FAQ: Help! New to smartThings: will Xioami/Aqara sensors work?


Last time I was buying a few Aqara devices, I ended up buying one or two each from Aliexpress, Gearbest, Bangood, eBay and Amazon, as there was always a huge price variance. Twice on eBay I was sent the old Xiaomi versions, so after me complaining about them, both times they happily refunded my money, but money wasn’t the issue, it was the 45 day wait for the item to arrive. May be one day we will have an official seller here in the UK too :slight_smile:

Sorry I had to moan about this, as it drives me up the wall when trying to buy a tiny sensor and either wait 45 days, and or end up with something different :frowning:


Not an official reseller, but there is a small importer, HangRui Direct, who sells through and uses Amazon warehouses, so very quick delivery. They should be covered under Amazon Marketplace policies.

Actually you do… : but i can’t seem to find any Aqara devices here… :thinking:

In Denmark we got an official Xiaomi store last year… They have more or less the full range of Xiaomi products from TV’s and phones to electric scooters. You get fast delivery, but you pay a good 50-70% more for the Aqara devices than at AliExpress…
Acceptable if you are in a hurry… Don’t know if they deliver to the UK though…

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