Father’s Day Sale from Aqara: Homekit-compatible devices on Amazon with a 30% discount

Quite recently, Aqara presents its massive Father’s Day sale on Amazon .
They provide a solid 30% discount using the promo code AQARARED on the following products:

  • Motion sensor
  • Water Leak sensor
  • Door and Window sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Vibration sensor,
  • Cube
  • Wireless Mini Switch
  • Smart Plug

All the devices except for the Cube are Homekit compatible (although for Cube there is a workaround: https://homekitnews.com/2019/03/09/using-the-aqara-cube-with-homekit/)

P.S. Make sure you buy from the vendor “Aqara Direct”, otherwise the discounts cannot be applied.

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Thanks for letting us know about the sale!

One point of clarification: their devices are only HomeKit compatible when used with their own Aqara hub, and there is no way to integrate their hub into a SmartThings system.

So most people who are interested in using these devices with smartthings are going to add the individual zigbee devices to their smartthings network. They’ll work pretty well that way with the usual caveats, but they will no longer have any native HomeKit integration.

Note that the method linked to for the cube still requires the Aqara hub.

So there will definitely be a lot of people interested in the sale as they buy individual devices to use with smartthings. I just didn’t want anyone to be confused and think that those individual devices would also work natively with HomeKit when joined to a smartthings hub.

(There are some devices like the ecobee thermostat, the ihome pocketsockets, and the Philips Hue bridge that can be connected to both smartthings and HomeKit at the same time, but the Aqara devices do not fall into that category.)

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Why do you guys get all the sales in the US but we get sweet FA in the UK?

I have a love hate relationship with these Aquara devices and ST. The temp and motion sensors work great but fall off the network unpredictably. I purchased the Ikea smartplugs witch don’t interfere with zigbee network like other plugs but still, they drop from time to time, and when they do, it is usually all of them.

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