Best temperature Sensors?

I know this has been posted before, but what would be the best temperature and humidity sensors to purchase? I see on Amazon all these Aqara and Sonoff sensors at $18 a piece, but do they need anything special to hook them up? Or can I hook them up directly through the app?

Do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub, and if so, which model?

Yes of course, I have the et-wv525 SmartThings mesh router and hub. I’m not exactly sure if this is the newest model or not?

It’s the newest of the models which are also Wi-Fi mesh. Its firmware is somewhat behind the V3 hub models that don’t do Wi-Fi mesh, but that shouldn’t affect your sensor selections at present.

My understanding just from forum reports is that the sonoff are better at staying connected than the Aqara, but hopefully other people who know more will comment. :sunglasses:

Yes and I guess mine is the newest. So then hopefully someone with a little experience into these sensors can tell me. People in amazon questions some say you can direct to hub, some say you need extra stuff.

The sonoff model works well. No special code needed with SmartThings.


The aqara ones are super unreliable and the sonoff (zigbee) have an official integration. As for device history, i have never managed to get it to display at proper intervals in minutes.

@Automated_House is this how yours look as well?

I don’t own any Aqara/Xiaomi devices since they are hard to keep stable.


FWIW, I am running several of them now on their own hub with HomeKit and they work great that way. But I don’t think they work well with other hub brands even when they are Zigbee certified. But that’s just my personal experience, I know they have been popular because of the price.

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If I ever switch to HomeKit i’d probably have a house full of them on their own hub since they’re so affordable.

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I only have one Xiaomi temp sensor connected to a V2 hub and seemingly against the grain mine is super reliable, battery lasts forever as well

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How do I hook it up in the app? It seems like I need to buy these Sonoff ones

I was talking about the sonoff ones

My bad, totally misread your post. Here’s my chart. I forgot mine is an old model so never paired correctly, hence the humidity not reporting correctly.

Thanks ! Yours however appears to report correctly in the minute intervals. At least for temperature. Mine is not reliable. I thought that it was my aqara sensors but the sonoff does it as well.