ST Hub Availability

Are they no longer selling the ST Hub? I bought mine a few years back, but we recently purchased a condo that I would like to install one at. Every time I look, all the stores appear to be out. Did I miss a memo?


Yes. :wink:

Smartthings has decided they no longer want to be in the business of selling and supporting IOT hardware. so they are forming partnerships with companies who will take over the sales and support of the hub and other devices under their own logo. Samsung will continue to provide the app and the platform.

See the following official announcement:

An Update Regarding our Hardware

In Europe and the US, the partner is Aeotec and the devices are starting to become available through either Amazon or

The initial devices are exactly the same as the previous smartthings branded devices, just with a different logo.


JD… does this device still use the ST app? All I am trying to do at the condo it monitor open/close sensors and a thermostat… which I want to program to shut the thermostat off if one of the open/close sensors are open longer than a given amount of time. Can I do all that with this Aeotec device?

It is identical to the ST V3 hub and will be used with the ST app…only difference is branding

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Thanks… now to just find one before March.