Will My Device Use DTH or Edge Driver if I Have Both? [ST EDGE]

Ok, I think I’ve got this right, but let me know if there are any errors.

When you first add a device to your account, the system looks for a matching “fingerprint,” a series of codes that the device will tell the hub that includes a manufacturer code and a model code.


If you have a custom DTH, a stock DTH, a custom Edge Driver and a stock Edge Driver that all list the same fingerprint that matches your device, the device will be added to your account using the custom DTH.

So if you want it to use the Edge Driver instead, you have to comment out the matching fingerprint in the custom DTH. (Or delete it all together.) And you have to do that BEFORE you add the device to your account, you can’t change it to an Edge Driver later.

So the priority is:

Custom DTH
Custom Edge Driver
Stock Edge Driver
Stock DTH

Or do I have that wrong? :thinking:


If you successfully added a device to your account using an Edge Driver, when you go to the device details page in the app, one of the settings options will say “Driver.” If you tap on that, you should see a list of available drivers that match the fingerprint of your device. I think you can change to a different one by selecting it there, but again, tell me, if I’m wrong.

The IDE is part of the old architecture and does not fully support Edge Drivers. So all devices using Edge Drivers will show up there as “placeholder.” Do not try to make changes there: they won’t work and you can mess things up.


I don’t know how to do this. :thinking:


I know it’s possible for an edge driver to include a generic option so it can be used with devices of the same device class which don’t have an exact fingerprint match but I don’t know where that match falls on the priority list.


Let the education begin! LOL! :partying_face:


I haven’t done enough testing of borderline cases to be clear on behavior, but here’s my feedback from what I have seen:

I don’t think there’s currently a distinction between the “stock” ST drivers and others. Where this would impact the fingerprinting process is if one has a specific fingerprint (manufacturer/device) while another is more generic (supported z-wave command classes, for example).

This would require excluding, changing your collection of drivers/DTHs to have the DTH have highest priority, then including.

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Don’t custom DTHs get priority over stock DTHs if both include the same fingerprint? Or am I confused?

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I believe you are correct on this.

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Yes for DTHs. I was referring to the distinction you made between stock and custom Edge drivers

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I know there are some people who have created custom edge Drivers for some Devices with the same fingerprint as the ones in the official beta channel. Do the custom ones get priority or does it cause a problem if you are subscribed to both channels?

I don’t know if there is a priority, all things being otherwise equal, but I am not sure it is the issue it was. Indeed I am not sure it was ever supposed to be an issue with DTHs, you just changed the device type to your preferred one. The difference now is that you can only choose between fingerprinted drivers instead of anything that took your fancy. It seems unlikely that you were ever supposed to take a suck it and see approach in the first place.


I don’t know that any of us as users have enough data to say for certain what the priority order is between Edge drivers. The ST beta channel looks, walks, and quacks like any other channel (save for the nil developer hash) so I’m inclined to believe it operates the same for fingerprinting. When I have multiple of my own drivers with a particular fingerprint in them, I see enough consistency in which is chosen to believe there’s a sort order, but my current theory is that it’s programmer logic like sort by driver ID and pick the first match.

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