Will motion, multi-purpose sensors and siren work if electricity and/or internet is out?

I believe hub v2 has backup battery and should continue to work for some time. However, anyone tried to see if intrusion detection and siren work when there is no internet?

SHM is not a local app. Only smart lighting is for now.

Is there any app that allows us to arm/disarm the alarm that plays locally? What I fear most is the false alarm scenario where the siren goes off and I cannot switch it off and my wife will whine me to death.

BTW, I have an indoor Aeon Gen 5 siren that is listed as a local device.
Does that mean I can turn it on/off without being connected to the internet?

If the smart lighting smartapp can’t turn the device on/off then only your hands can in the event of Internet or power failure. Even the ST iOS/Android/Windows App requires working Internet and does not run locally.

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Can you suggest a procedure through smart lighting app so that I can turn the aeon siren off in the event of Internet disconnection/server side issues?

Pulling it of the plug won’t do because it has an internal battery which is always fully charged.

Is there a remote that could run locally?