Confusion about local processing

In the article you can find the following statement:

If your devices and Automations meet all the above criteria, they will be able to run locally when an internet and/or power outage occurs.

For example:
** In the event of an internet and/or power outage, a SmartThings Home Monitor automation that tells your Aeon Labs Siren to sound when motion is detected by a Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor will locally execute.*

This is exactly what I’m running: A SmartThings Motion Sensor and a Aeon Labs Siren (which both lists as local processing on the IDE page) and SHM alarm. Still, when I pull the plug to my router the alarm will not get triggered.

I am running the 2018 hub. On the IDE page -> Installed Smart Apps I can see the following:
Smart Home Monitor cloud.
Can I somehow change cloud to local or what am I missing here?

One thing I noticed… in IDE, you were looking at Smart Home Monitor which is a Classic app and the post above stated SmartThings Home Monitor for the new app. They are completely separate apps.

But that is not the answer you are looking for and I have to rush out. I’ll leave this for @JDRoberts because he loves this :slight_smile:

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Oh, yeah, I looooove this. :scream: thanks a lot, @jkp .

OK, first things first, as @jkp mentioned, smartthings home monitor and smart home monitor are two completely different pieces of code.

FAQ: SHM and STHM are different

Next, regardless of whether it’s SHM or STHM, only some of the automations are eligible to run locally.

If it’s a custom automation, it won’t run locally. It has to be one of the standard alerts.

You can go ahead and contact support, if you like, because they can see more things from their side.

If you’d like us to continue helping you here, we’ll need to see screenshots of exactly what you have set up for the automation.

Also, just to get this out-of-the-way, you cannot change the security arm to state or the location mode unless the smartthings cloud is available. So you would have to have the system armed before you unplug the router. And you won’t be able to turn the siren off or disarm it until you get the router back up, so be prepared for that.

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Thanks for the clarification guys.
I’ve tried both the SHM and STHM apps but no success. And as you pointed out, I made sure to arm my system before I killed the router.
The only routines and automations for home security has been made in the SHM/STHM SmartApps.
I’ll create a ticket for the support team to look into this.
Thanks again.

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Are you using both SHM and STHM concurrently? I’ve read about this pretentiously causing issues and have seen a lot of suggestions to only use one or the other.

Alright, good to know.
I’ve only been using one at a time thou.

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