Local Chime/Siren for SmartThings hub

Hi all, new to smartthings. I have been reading lots of threads but have not found a clear answer to this question.

I have a Dome Siren, which with the custom DTH does what I want it to do (chime when a door is open while I am home, siren if away/night) as long as I have internet.

I checked my devices and verified that the Dome Siren is indeed running as cloud execution.

So are there any sound devices that run locally on the smartthings hub (v2) that allow a chime and siren when a door opens even if the internet goes down?

Any siren which uses a DTH which is eligible to run locally can run locally. There’s one for a generic Z wave siren and one for the Aeotec siren.

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

But then you are limited to the features in that device type handler.

Also if the cloud is down, the mobile app won’t work, so think about how you will turn the siren off if necessary.

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Wow! Some of the most informative posts on this subject I have read on the internet have come from you. Thx @JDRoberts for the lighting fast response :smile:

I believe the Dome Siren is a Zwave type siren. Is it possible that certain functions in the DTH cause it to go from local to cloud execution? At the moment I just copied and pasted the code from the website instructions.

I wonder if the device below would works locally with the functionality mentioned above?

Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus, 105dB siren with strobe alerts, Plug-in, Backup battery https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PKKM2HO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_7yIMAbHD9MSVR

@krlaframboise I just noticed you are the author of the DTH I am running on the Dome Siren. Thx for making it avaliable! With this DTH, the Dome Siren works almost exactly how I would like: a door chime when home and siren at night with one issue…

Is it possible to have the Dome as a locally executed device? That way if the internet goes down, I still have the functionality and I can pull out the battery if need be :wink:

At the present time, no custom code (which means anything you copied from someone else) can run locally. Only the stock device types approved by smartthings can. :disappointed_relieved: These are already in the firmware for every customer’s hub.

So if you have a device which can use one of the stock device type handlers that are eligible to run locally, then that’s how you get it to run locally. You just go into the IDE and change the device type for that particular device to one of the stock offerings. But typically those have many fewer features available, they tend to be pretty generic. But you just have to change it to an appropriate stock device type and then see what options are available.

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Hmm…I think I follow what you are saying @JDRoberts When I first got the Dome Siren, before putting the custom DTH code in, the hub recognized it as a Zwave Switch. When I activated the switch, it blasted the default alarm with no options for sound type or volume. So this basic Zwave switch functionality is the only code that can be executed locally then, correct?

I wonder if there is a stock type device that can do a door chime and siren locally? Or would I need another device that can do a door chime locally (ie a softer bell type sound) and use the Dome as the alarm? Does a smartthings compatible door chime that runs locally exist?


How have you been able to use your Dome siren as a door chime? I used to be able to have it chime when a door opened using the Door Chime smartapp, but I had to do a factory reset on my hub last week and re-add everything and it looks like the Door Chime smartapp doesn’t exist anymore. I have the custom device handler for the Dome siren but don’t know of a way to make it when when a door opens.

ADT Smartthings panel would make that function local and work without internet.

Hi my friend, Im looking for a siren that works locally, I found your post over here… any tip?

Thanks !