Namron ZigBee smartplug with temp sensor 16A


Anyone know if this product will work with Smartthings? Cannot see that Namron is supported in the device list in the app-

If not, anyone aware of other smartplugs that has temperature sensor built in? Looking to replace a setup with a couple of smartplugs and a separate Aqara temperature sensor, as the routines turning on and off heaters keep failing without any logical reason (simply just does not turn off or on sometimes despite reaching limits…)…

Hi @Paaske

You can use it as smart plug with temperature measuremet with this driver.

You can use it as thermostat that control de plug with this other driver


Great - will try that!

BTW, do you know of a driver that is better than the standard for the Aeotec Smart Switch 7? I am having trouble with running routines between this and an Aqara sensor to control electric heating, the routines simply seem to fall out sometimes (example; the Aqara sensor has registred a temperature below the trigger point in the routine, but the Aeotec switch is not turned to ON). Happens randomly and often works, but cannot be trusted… Using the standard SmartThings driver for Z-Wave switch devices, if a better driver could fix this I would be glad to receive tips

I am a complete newb to this, so excuse me if driver is not relevant at all for this problem…

What sensor model is it? See model and manufacturer fingerprints on, advanced users?
zigbee or wifi?

Should be this (Zigbee)


You can use this sensor with my Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc driver with which you can create a virtual thermostat with all the necessary functions to control heating through a switch.

I don’t think it’s the switch that fails, rather I think the execution of the routine failed.

Thanks! So how do I do this in practise (again, newb…)?

The Aeotec switch is Z wave, while the Aqara sensor is zigbee - is that a problem? So if I switch driver on the temp sensor to Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc, which driver should I run on the Aeotec switch and does this matter?

Thanks again!

Each device uses different driver.

The App routines are what will activate and deactivate the switch.

To create the virtual thermostat:

  • Enter the sensor settings menu and create the virtual thermostat. It will appear in the room where you have the hub.

  • Read the thermostat manual to see all the options you have.

Example of a routine to turn on the heater

Example of a routine to turn off the heater

I use it to control the heating of the whole house, using the presets of the Auto (19.3Β°), Asleep (18Β°c), and rush hour (20Β°c) modes.

I use three routines:

At 22:30: Set sleep mode

Total with 5 routines I control everything automatically.

This is the controlled temperature graph for one complete day

Thanks! I think I understand, but want to make sure.

  1. I change the driver of the temp sensor to Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc.
  2. I keep standard driver on the Smart plug controlling the heater?
  3. I create routines based on the new driver for the sensor?

Is this correct?

I today have routines created based on the two separate devices (example, turn on smart plug if temp on aqara falls below 19), but assume the virtual thermostat would make this more reliable - is that the point?


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Aeotec provides Edge drivers for their products.


Yes, is correct.

Could you post a screenshot of the routines to see if are fine?

Two routines attached, turning off and on at different temperatures based on readings from the Aqara sensor. I have similar routines for Away and Night mode.

But as mentioned they keep failing and randomly the plugs are not turned on/off even when the Aqara has reached the limits.

ST Routines are based on state changing events, i.e. from on to off or Location changes from Home to Away. As written, your location mode must change to home and the sensor change to 21C or above. If you want this Routine to only be active when you are home, you need to change the Location Mode Home to be a precondition. Preconditions are state checks that occur when a triggering event occurs and serve as boundary conditions.

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Thanks! Will update and see if that makes it more reliable. Cannot remember the precondition option was available when I sett this up some time ago, but I might not have seen it… Strange that it has worked for the most part - even then without having changes location mode…

It may also be that the Zwave network is saturated due to several messages or needs a Zwave repair.

The Zwave repair is in the APP, Hub, settings menu, zwave utilities