WiFi-powered Sensors?

To each oa own but i would bet the majoroty prefer them & even if you could shrink a wifi chip to fit them, battery will never last. I will keep my hub with zwave & zigbee. Change is not always good.

Again, used to be true, but the WiFi sensors Shelly has released in the last 18 months have decent battery life and no need for a hub. They are, however, very large compared to some of the Zigbee alternatives. And it takes two CR 123A batteries to get 12 months life out of them.

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It’s not so much about change as it is about choice. Some people only want to deal with Wi-Fi, and now they have a practical option for that. :sunglasses:

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I find window and door sensors ugly and due to where I live don’t find any need for them.

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as far as sensors and aesthetics, obviously, that’s a personal choice. If you want invisible sensors, there are zwave strip sensors that fit in the doorframe or recessed sensors that go inside the wall. Neither are visible when the door is closed. For many people, open/close sensors are an essential part of their home monitoring. Others don’t need them at all. Again, choice is good.


I don’t know if we’ll ever see those using Wi-Fi, though. :thinking:


When we lived in the Houston suburbs, we had a monitored alarm system with sensors on all three exterior doors plus interior motion sensors. We armed it whenever we left and most nights.

Now we’re in the country on a few acres in a small gated community. During the build, we wired the house for a security system but never installed one. Didn’t and still don’t feel a need.

I do have outdoor Nest cameras around the place. Those regularly inform me of bugs, birds, raccoons, and feral cats. And the occasional delivery person.

Requirements change.