Door and Window monitoring

I am creating a care management solution for Long Term Care. Part of this includes resident door monitoring. We have our own iOS app that staff use and I am not interested in adding hubs all over these buildings. Is there anything out there that is wireless, can connect directly to the existing WiFi network, and would have an SDK that we could use so that alerts could come directly through our existing app.

Any ideas?

Door and window sensors are usually Zigbee. Wifi requires too much power.

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This forum is for people who are using the smartthings home automation platform. So all questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. And regrettably, smartthings simply isn’t reliable enough for this type of critical use case. It’s good for convenience, but not something where safety might be compromised if the system didn’t work right. That’s not just my opinion: the company says so in their product usage guidelines.

As was already mentioned, it’s unlikely that you would use Wi-Fi for this as it tends to just use too much power. You’d be changing batteries every week or so.

Instead, you might consider Apple HomeKit which can work with Bluetooth Sensors. It’s already built-in to iOS and you just need one iPad or Apple TV box to act central management to get all the benefit. You can even combine it with Zigbee Sensors these days by using an Aqara Gateway Camera, which is a very low cost solution for up to 32 sensors per camera.

The system is only cloud dependent for voice control, everything else runs locally, even the camera.

there are also a number of systems for hospitals and hotels which already are designed for this specific purpose and use various different protocols. So you could also look around for those.

Reddiit has a good home automation forum which is brand agnostic if you want to start there.

Thanks for your help. We have looked and everything requires a hub. I shooting in the dark. :slight_smile: thanks for the advice.

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