Reliable Wifi Contact Sensor Needed - UK or Europe

I need to find a reliable wifi (not Zigbee) contact sensor to use on the entrance door of our flats. There are only two of us in the building and we already have a camera in the entrance and a wifi hot spot. This is a safe little town in Spain. However, yesterday a plumber left the entrance door open which upset my neighbour. I am looking for a contact switch that works with Smartthings and that I can use to trigger an automation if the door is open for more than ten minutes in future. Any recommendations please? TIA

A few questions

  1. Do you have a SmartThings hub and what model?
  2. Why do you want Wi-Fi, if you find one it will eat batteries up quickly! Zigbee sensors use a lot less power and will last much longer.

Hi Michael. I have a 2nd generation hub. I understand what you are saying about ZigBee and power useage (although it certainly doesn’t apply to the ST motion sensors i have that are Zigbee and chew through batteries every month :slight_smile: The sensor would be beyond the reach of my zigbee network. I am on the second floor of the building and the door is at ground level with a number of walls inbetween. I do however have a wireless access point running down there via powerline adapters.


Hi, Jon I’m thinking the powerline adapter may be an issue when your trying to pair the device. I’m also not familiar with what is available in the EU. @JDRoberts is our resident expert on this stuff and I’m sure he will come along and help you with this.

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Shelly used to make a WiFi contact sensor which had quite good battery life, but they discontinued it because one of the ways they got that battery life was to give it a fairly long sleep period. And people kept complaining about the slow response. So now they offer instead a Bluetooth version, but you have to have the Bluetooth receiver for it as well, and the range is much shorter than the Wi-Fi version was.

There are a fair number of other Wi-Fi contact sensors available, including several from Tuya, which have better response rate, but pretty dreadful battery life, three or four months is typical.

My suggestion in your case would be to go a different route altogether, and get the Yolink sensors with their hub, then use IFTTT or Alexa routines for integration with smartthings. ( The Alexa routines seem to be more responsive, for what that’s worth.)

Yolink use their own proprietary LoRa frequency, which has great range, up to 1,000 feet, and excellent battery life. It’s true that you need to get their own receiving hub, but because of the great range, you can just put that in your own rooms and it should work fine.

Relatively inexpensive: about £18 Per sensor, and then another £26 for the Yolink hub.

I know it’s not as good as a fully integrated device, but I know a number of people who have these and really like them, especially for the price.

I know you mentioned ‘not Zigbee’, but what about Zigbee with a few extenders? I connect to sensors out in our barn 120 ft. (36-ish meters??) away, using a few Zigbee extenders, with no real problems. Even Z-wave with extenders that far work quite well.

I have no way of powering zigbee extenders. The lights in the communal stairwell are on a timer switch so putting a zigbee bulb in is a non starter. The only plug socket is next to where i want to put the sensor (and its a 1960’s Italian one at that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @JDRoberts this I will keep in mind. :+1: :+1: :+1: