WiFi devices with SmartThings useless

Over the last few months i have found that many WiFi devices such as iHome and WeMo have very poor SmartThings support. They are constantly going offline in SmartThings but working in the native app. I have also been told by support that LABS things such as WeMo have problems. But iHome was always working without a hitch until recently. And iHome is a supported device. I have 4 iHome devices and all went offline at the same time. And last week all my WeMo did the same thing. So what I am getting out of this is that it isn’t the devices it is SmartThings and should be fixed. Right now they are useless to say the least. On top of that ihome can’t be set up ion the dock app as it throws an error as many of us have reported.

I have historically had the same problem with all my WeMo devices I use the WeMo connect Advanced smart app with that has not worked

I am no superstitious but knock on wood my WeMo has been extremely stable over the last few months. I think SmartThings hardened their integration. Either way I am happy.

Not for me the same devices that are offline are always offline and SmartThings it works in if this then that and the WeMo app with no problem I’ve never had them work properly.

I’ve had good luck with WeMo devices lately. More issues with SmartThings branded devices going offline than any others. Battery reporting on them is inaccurate and sometimes a dead battery is the cause of offline, but last battery state was 40%+.

My WeMo devices (Mini Smart Plug, non-dimmer light switches) work reliably for me through SmartThings.

In fact, I’ve never had them mysteriously go “unavailable” on me.

Now, my Zigbee smart bulbs, on the other hand…

I have been complaining about ST battery reporting for months. SmartThings I think is aware of the problem. But please report the problem, the more complaints the quicker they will work on it.

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