[BUG] Wifi devices not reconnecting to SmartThings properly

I’ve got a few wifi enabled devices and recently SmartThings has been working very poorly with them.

A Wemo switch which has worked for the last couple of years with no problem has suddenly gone “offline” in the app - yet I can still send on/off commands manually in the app from SmartThings. The problem with this is automations won’t run properly as they think the switch is on when it isn’t as SmartThings just reports it as on all the time.

More importantly I have a Sonoff POW connected to my over night hot water boiler. It only powers up when my economy 7 circuit comes on at 1.30am. This means it is off in the day - but when it comes on, again SmartThings things it’s still disconnected and once again I can send on/off commands from the app to it - but it things the device is always on.

So my automation to turn the Sonoff device off actually works (it turns the device off) but SmartThings still reports it on, so when my automation to turn it on tries to happen at 6am it doesn’t run as it thinks the device is still on. I also don’t get any of the power reporting.

Is there a fix for this - other that avoid using wifi devices!

Same here on my local wifi switches. Also the cloud-based devices/apps are having some problems updating states.

Suggestion (may help). reset your SmartThings Hub. May clear up some errors. For local, the hub seems to be not releasing a resource and when reaching a threshold…

Reset as in start again? Or just power cycle it?

power cycle or reboot through the IDE

I have been experiencing the same thing over the past few days. It seems to stable after I configured static IP to all the WI-Fi devices connected to SmartThings.

I’ve assigned a static IP to both wifi devices - it’s still happening though.

Thinking of getting an Aeotec Z-Wave 40amp relay for the hot water now as it needs to be more reliable than this

Rebooting the hub didn’t do anything by the way.