Sprinkler Controllers to Interface with ST?

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I don’t have a networked sprinkler system, but many community members do, hopefully they’ll chime in.

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Thought I’d see more about OpenSprinkler on this forum given the nature of ST!


you’re probably not seeing as much of a response because these units run from $150-250 but you can build your own unit for under $60 with a arduino, things sheild and a relay… see the build page.


Has anyone heard about SmartThings supporting the Rachio irrigation system?

Rachio is very easy because they have an IFTTT channel. As does SmartThings. So you could just use that for the most typical schedules and controls.

As far as a direct integration, Rachio was working on one last year but then put it on hold while they worked on other priorities. Their last update was about two months ago, when they said it was still in postponed status.

I think @smart has this, maybe he or other community members with practical experience can comment further. :sunglasses:

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Spruce looks interesting. Designed to integrate with ST and uses weather data and moisture sensors.

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Anyone ever integrate OpenSprinkler?

Not as far as I am aware I’m afraid :frowning:

I really like OpenSprinkler as it just works (runs local, not on a server) and connects to my Weather Underground weather station which others do not. It is hard to find controllers greater then 16 stations, i have 17 stations. With OpenSprinkler you can keep adding zone expanders.

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Nice OSPI Open Sprinkler. I just installed mine this week, it is pretty easy to work with. I went with the OSPI in case I want to do some scripting and integration. I favorite part is that it does not rely on a cloud service for scheduling, it has a RTC chip in the shield with the relays, and that it has built in Weather, and a very simple API.

We’ll have to put something together to integrate with SmartThings. I have a lot of projects going on this weekend, but If I have some time I’ll play with the API with some python scripts and get comfortable enough with Groovy. It won’t be pretty at first, but with some assistance it should work.


Cool, another OSPI’er. I will be interested in any integrations you can come up with. Don’t really know what integrations would be useful other then Alexa integration.

Here is a new sprinkler irrigation option which utilizes a $17 relay controller board for full SmartThings integration, scheduling, and control.


OSPI can intigrate with Alexa already using IFTTT and the OSPI API. Not much to it.