New BHyve wifi water timer

Was at Walmart and found a new bluetooth/wifi water timer by orbit:

Per the site, there is a wifi hub so we should be able to integrate into ST… It already has an Alexa skill.

Unfortunately, just having Wi-Fi doesn’t mean it can integrate with SmartThings. See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link)

@JDRoberts I do understand that having wifi does not guarantee connectivity to ST, but saw that they have an API. We should be able to utilize the API for this connectivity.


I would not go for something like this. I like the idea, it’s just a little pricey for a one-zone unit.

I think there’s a 4-zone unit out there for around a hundred bucks. Here it is, the Melnor RainCloud:

Or I just recently picked up a brand new Skydrop 8-zone controller, $50 brand new. Attach it to a single remote valve, and for the same $70 you get a single zone with built-in expandability. (And can already interact with SmartThings via IFTTT.)

But as JD says, choice is good… if it works for you, go for it.

Where did you get a skydrop controller for $50

Where did you see their API? I am willing to tackle some of this if there is a published api

Looks like they haven’t released an API yet…

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It shows up on my Amex bill as a paypal purchase, for $59.98, in November 2017.
The merchant is not listed.

So I haven’t seen any updates but found this information on the BHyve website forum:


The B•Hyve has more than one zone and it has smart watering it will not water if you have a higher percentage of rain than you have it set for. It will water X number of gallons based on the flow test you do when you set it up. You can set it up to at least 4 zones and 4 program slots inside each zone smart watering is where you put the restrictions for your neighborhood, town, county or state so you don’t water over the limit of let’s say 10gallons per day. It is a lot handier than you make it seem here and it has not needed new AA batteries yet 5 weeks into the watering season. I have two programs inside one zone because I grow plum trees and in Northwest Florida it isn’t easy new trees need watering constant so every 3-4 hours. But we also get coastal and inland thunderstorms daily so as soon as I have .250” of rain just a 1/4” it skips my watering for the next 24hours. Plus I can operate it from my phone from anywhere in the world if I have signal or WiFi. You know if it did or didn’t water because it times itself and tells you how many gallons it used. Mine runs 2.48gpm. It also connects to my google home and Alexa enabled TV.

Have you installed the ST DH? Does it work? Thinking about getting these myself.

It is only for details, you can’t trigger a watering.

I thought that was the case, too bad

What do you think of the units and their own app?

The units are nice, but one did break while it was watering and never turned off… The app is somewhat confusing for these hose timers but once you learn how to use it is ok.

I have a 7 zone system. Having to make changes to each controller separately was a breaking point for me. Switched to the Melnor RainCloud system. The B-Hyve app is WAY better but having so many controllers makes change a drag (setting rain delay in 7 separate devices).

If Orbit made a 4 zone controller I would be all in. Until then these are going back!

Forgive if I’m missing something, but like this?

That would only work if you have an in-ground irrigation system. If I did I would the unit below.

For now I am running an above ground hose system so need something like …