Want to automate watering garden

So I am just wanting some suggestions on how to automate watering my garden this spring and summer. The planned setup will be from an outside water spigot. I was thinking about using one of the shutoff valves, but they are real expensive. When it comes down to the meat and potatoes of it I just want the water to turn on at a certain time, then turn off after so long.

You can just buy a water timer that will screw right onto your spigot. Amazon search results link Start at about $25 for a programmable one.

Thanks, but I want to be able to control it from afar. Example: If the wife and i are going to be out for the weekend and it is going to be raining Saturday I want to be able to go in and turn it off remotely. Or if for some reason it is extra dry, I want to be able to change the duration on the fly. Plus I have a new addition to feed ya know.

Check if this is compatible with SmartThings. It appears to be Zigbee…


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More Informaion on the Iris

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Plant Link works with ST, I’m told. Lets you monitor soil moisture.

Home Depot i clearing them out right now at a bargain rate, as some forum members have posted.

@Dan999 Seems that there are issue with it working with the ST. And according to the thread that @cellblazer posted it would seem that ST is not even bothering to try to get it to work, due to some flaws with the product itself.

@celblazer Yeah that thread says alot about it.Thank you.

@mdawson thanks for the suggestion

I’m actually doing the same thing and have already started. I went with a 1" rainbird water valve and running 1" pipe. My setup is pretty involved because I’m running multiple pumps in order to use my well water. However if your willing to do the work and run water lines the in ground sprinkler approach is probably your best bet cost wise. The most expensive thing would be the controller. Now you can get a cheap controller but since you want to be able to control it fro afar your looking at about 250.00 for a complete system and controller you looking at roughly 500.00

@Joe_Battaglia My thought was to run some pvc underground to the site and them disseminate the water from there. What controller would you have me look at?

I have been debating that question for a few months now. I’m leaning towards rachio because it seems it will be integrated with SmartThings soon. You would then be able to use the plantlink sensor that someone else posted about with the controller. I am testing the plantlink sensor as we speak to get the distance I need. I was also looking at rain machine controller however it doesn’t have as much support as the rachio IMO

I just ordered 6 of these heads. They seem to be the best coverage and pretty adjustable


if your going full blown irrigation this also works well. http://www.spruceirrigation.com/

I was looking at this myself. Have you used it?

Yup had it since Sept. I was an early tester. They had some growing pains but support is great. Not sure if they are fully shipping yet due to waiting on ST device/app approval. But you can contact them and see.

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Melnor makes a wifi controlled timer. They don’t have an API to connect to ST but it can be controlled remotely and if you use plantlink soil sensors you would be notified when to turn it on.

Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I will need to do alot more research before I put something into action. I would love to go all in and get the controller and all, but I am not sure about that yet. I am going to keep digging.

Probably a good idea, I researched for a couple years before deciding to do this

@Joe_Battaglia let me know how yours goes