Spinkler irrigation controller?

Does anyone know of a sprinkler irrigation controller for Z-Wave that would work with ST?

I’ve found this, but it’s X10/Insteon, so I know this isn’t compatible, but something like this would be ideal. http://www.smarthome.com/smartenit-insteon-ezflora-8-zone-sprinkler-controller.html


Their are some people working on integrating Rachio I think? Don’t know an ETA though

I’ve only built for RainMachine to integrate with ST so far, haven’t updated it for a while

Rachio Iro official integration is coming, but last I heard they have shelf it.

Eve would work out of the box with ST, if they ever release it.

We are using an Orbit controller from Lowes with some community code I found here with limited success

They make a bigger unit that might work

Best way is Rachio which has IFTTT integration which can work the ST. I’ve owned CyberRain, RainMachine and now Rachio, and Rachio is by far the most polished platform.


I’ve been using this if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty :smile:. It’s been working pretty well for me and even integrates seamlessly with my weather station which uploads data to Weather Underground.


Flipping love this community!

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, and in fact I prefer Arduino/Raspberry Pi (just got a SmartApp to talk to my Raspberry Pi last night).

Looks like I’ll be picking up an 8 port relay!


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If you don’t have a ThingShield yet, I would suggest you try to buy one now. They just came back in stock a week or two ago. They tend to go quickly,

So I have a RPi based sprinkler system that I built a while back. It’s been working fine with some opensource code and an app on my phone. Is it possible to integrate that with my Iris hub and control it all from the Iris app?