Wi-Fi Hub Slow Internet

I have the Samsung Connect Home Pro with a gigabyte internet connection. I have been getting about 400 MB up and down on speed tests which is to be expected. However, earlier this week my Wi-Fi speed dropped considerably. I am now getting anywhere between 5-50 MB down and sometimes it just stops and my devices tell me I don’t have an Internet connection. I rebooted and unplugged the device with no success. I unplugged the Ethernet cable and did a speed test with my laptop and was getting 900 MB up and down. I tried a different Wi-Fi access point and was back to 400 MB Wi-Fi speeds. So, the slow connection is definitely tied to this device. I am unsure where to go from here. The device controls within the app are useless in diagnosing the problem. Once I had to do a factory reset due to another issue and had to spend many hours re-pairing the 60 devices connected to the hub and never want to go through that again. I’m open to any ideas out there to get my speeds back. Thanks.

My best advice would be to contact support with this issue.
But what speed is your wifi card supports? How far are you from the hotspot? Etc. It might be not an issue with the hotspot but the equipment what connects to it.

If you definitely want to use your Gigabit connection the best way, then connect your laptop to it by cable.