Samsung Connect - connection issues


I bought a 3 pack of samsung connect home. I have one directly connected to my modem and the other 2 connected via cat5 (tried wireless as well).

I am finding I will have frequent drops in internet connection and the my internet speeds drop very fast as I move away from the Samsung Connect. I have max transfer rate to a range of about 10ft with line of sight, but going through any walls or doors and the performance tanks. No matter where I go I continue to have issues with a constant connection.

I have a laptop connected directly to the modem with no issues in speed or stability.

I know the wifi on these things is average at best, but I am wondering if I am better off buying a better wifi router and just using the Samsung Connect as a hub/wifi extender or buying 1/2 Connect Pros to get better speeds and extend the mesh wifi? Or is there something I could try to fix the internet connection dropping out