SmartThings Wifi - Slow wifi speed

Hi everyone, Experiencing slow wifi speed using “SmartThings Wifi”. I get more than 250Mbps when using LAN cable but on wifi, the speed drops to less than 100Mbps. Can anyone suggest any solution?

Is it possible for you to keep it on ethernet the whole time?

@eric182; “Smartthings Wifi” is always connected to the Ethernet i.e. via “IN” port as explained in attached picture. When I say LAN connection it is via the “OUT” port from “Smarrthings Wifi” that I connect to my device that gives me around 250 Mbps speed. But If i switch to Wifi/ wireless connection from same “SmartThings Wifi” access point, the speed drops to less than 100Mbps.

My suggestion is to verify your ethernet cable is good, and wherever you are plugging it into. In my house I have my router in my office closet and then ethernet cables run to various rooms where I plugged in my hubs. I found one of my hubs maxing out at 100mbps through ethernet on the OUT port and I was like it should be gigabit and also I have gigabit internet so I know for sure the speed should have been higher. Turned out the ethernet cable in the wall behind the plate didnt have the wires pushed in all the way into the keystone. I fixed that and then got my speed back. So I’d say double check the cable (which that looks like the one out of the box so it should be fine) and then check wherever the other end connects to whether its a wall jack or router port.

Now just to add, if the 250mbps is your fastest speed on ethernet and is what you pay your ISP for and you’re wondering why your wifi device is slower its because you need to be on 5ghz and fairly close to the hub to get that speed on wifi.

Hi @felixowns, thanks for your response. Yes my internet maximum speed is around 250-270 Mbps. I already checked the LAN cable behind wall plug (runs CAT6a) and was getting an easy 250+ Mbps using the wall plug LAN (without SmartThings Wifi).

You can also see them attached screenshot of Plume App (when using SmartThings Wifi). The still shows internet speed of 269Mbps (at bottom of screenshot) while the device speed is around 73Mbps using 5Ghz channel.

Yea so it sounds like the port is ok, and if that speed test to modem is only for the main hub just an fyi, it sounds like you had the main hub in hand. And it also sounds like you verified the phone was connected to the main hubs wifi. Have you tried any other wifi devices on that hub specifically? Is the phone speed still that slow on wifi via the other 2 hubs?

Hi @felixowns, yes tried it with other IOS and Android devices as well with DL reaching not more than 70-100 Mbps. UL was always more than 23Mbps and was never an issue. It is only the Download wifi speed.

If I unplug Samsung Wifi and use any other router (Netcomm N18 MeshCloud or D-Link), the wireless speed goes to an easy 268Mbps.

Yea thats very strange then. Double check the advance settings when you select smartthings wifi hubs in the menu, then the 3 gears in the top right. By default its on auto mode and most likely should be bridge mode. But besides that I can’t think of anything besides some glitch and it needing a hub reset.

Any solution on this yet?
I had 400Mb+ if I connected to ISP router, and I have not passed 95Mb when connected to SmartThings WiFi. This has been going on for two weeks now.
I have rebooted (not power cycled) ISP and Smartthings Wifi.
I am using two pods and they are both cabled in.
I tried disabling Plume Security features, rebooted after that, nothing.
as mentioned before, this has been going on for two weeks now.

Smarthings model is et-wv525

Try to connect a device via ethernet to the hub that is connected via ethernet to the ISP router. If it hits the 400Mbps then you know the ethernet cable itself and the ports on the router are good. But if you are still having issues with just the wifi then I would get in contact with support but definitely try power cycling the hubs and not rebooting. I had a issue with a Ring camera having poor signal when its always been fine and once I unplugged power on all my hubs and reconnected the power the issue went away so sometimes a good hard restart is what’s needed.