Why latency increases when internet down

I agree. Many of us were pretty stunned when V two was actually released and it was so different from our expectations based on previous company communications. To name just a few things: the Bluetooth antenna was inside but not enabled; local processing was extremely limited; the two USB ports on the back of the device are not enabled; there was a new video feature but no way to either save the video or enable anyone else to watch it without giving them full access to our smartthings account (making it difficult to share with insurance companies or police).

In addition, there were number of significant problems, including the inability to add a second user, something we had had before, and the loss of shortcut groups. (We eventually did get multiple users back.)

People definitely noticed – – each of these was discussed in many forum threads. But in the end, the only question was whether the system as it existed provided enough value as it existed to justify the costs in time, money and effort that it required. And that’s something each person has to answer for themselves.

The following thread has most of the detailed discussions on local processing.

I don’t fault you in any way. But it’s about seven months after release and Bluetooth still isn’t turned on. I think you just have to look at what’s there now. So if local processing matters a great deal to you, SmartThings just might not be a good match. There are alternatives, again each with its own pluses and minuses.